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Mad Tatter

My brother Patrick will be home from the Navy for a couple of weeks in June! We're totally going to the tattoo parlor so I can spend the gift certificate that my AWESOME husband got me for my birthday.

I'm thinking of doing my maiden name on the upper part of my right arm in a very scripty font - either blue or a henna-esque brown. Eventually, I'd like to add a couple of other things (like a Celtic cross) to do a sort of half-sleeve kind of thing. We'll see...my husband gets nervous when I talk smack about tattoos because he thinks I'll turn into a circus freak. Or more of a circus freak, I guess.

P.S. First person to point out the hypocrisy of a self-proclaimed non-Catholic getting a tattoo of a cross gets kicked in the shin.

Posted April 20, 2005 10:48 PM | On This Day: 2006



Austin and I will spend our June being non-tattooed squares, I guess.

Kick away! You would more commonly be called a "Fallen Away Catholic." And you're not the first person to confuse dogma and doctrine--many others who are not truly educated on the Catholic faith make the same mistake!

Well, considering that the definition of dogma is "a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church" -- I don't think I'm too confused.

OOOOH! Daughter burn!!

I don't think the two are meant to by used synonymously, but whatever the dictionary says.

What up bitches?(i can almost hear mom sighing in disapproval of that comment) anyway Meg its ok that you are not Catholic, im sure you are totally cool with the fact that God now hates you and you are doomed to spend your afterlife in enternal damnation in hell.....i mean it cant be THAT bad....right? for your sake i think you should read the book ezekiel and find out what happens when people turn their back on God.
On the flipside i cant wait to go to the tattoo parlor with you, make sure you have an appointment before i come home. perhaps i will get one as well, i talked to mom and she says that she loves tattoos now, and even (in my case) encourages them, she also said she hates offspring that are untattooed squars.....and kids in general cuz they are peetree dishes of desied crap faces that are annoying.....thats just what i hear.

I heart my family.