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Ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb!

Nothing turns a girl's frown upside-down like a bottle of hair dye and a totally work-free weekend!

I spent Friday evening in the chair at Hair Police going from Cruela DeVil to Suicide Girl. After that, Jeremy, Bella and I went to Camp Snoopy for an evening of thrill rides, running around acting like five-year-olds (she's five, she has an excuse), and staying up past our bedtimes. Went to Tommy's after babysitting for some much-needed Tribe time. Sure, they were drunk and we were sober, but we almost had a coherent conversation and that's enough for me!

Saturday, I went to the MAC counter at Marshall Field's, where my inner drag queen was finally brought to the surface and I found a HELL of a retro-glam cocktail dress on clearance for $50. I promptly snapped it up and donned it for our evening out at Lili's Burlesque. The pasties were a-flyin'! Literally...Sweetpea (my new idol) actually lost a pasty at the end of the night with some overzealous titty-twirling. After all that excitement, we went to Pizza Luce for a very late dinner and some after-bar people watching. Yowsa.

Today was spent on house projects, yard work, random shopping excursions and a lovely dinner with my parents.

So, hello Monday. I see you coming, you dirty bitch. I'm ready for you, and I will kick your ass. Bring it!

P.S. John Fluevog has a new shoe and it is named...MEGHAN. First person to buy me a pair gets a free hug! Any of the four available colors will do.

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Diggin' the 'do babe! And congrats to the 'rents on their new digs (how they passed the test, I don't know..) Will you be allowed to visit?

Yeah, I love the hair, too. I had to snap a pic; I was trying to capture the sun glinting off her fabulous new color. Not too bad. Actually the "lovelly dinner" with the parents was a pathetic conglomeration of rice and random refrigerator leavings. I've totally lost my cooking chops due to spending too much time at work. OK. Some apathy, too.
As for the new digs in CA, well, we haven't been totally approved yet. . . but yes, we were able to hide our insanity from the local community long enough to get an offer accepted. We shall see if we end up with an address in LaQuinta. That's south of fabulous Palm springs, people. We'll be the token seniors hanging w/ MJ and pals. Cheers!

You MUST update your blog grrl!!!! Where r U? I miss you. Gimme a call. Have a completely kid free, work free, man free weekend!

Looking for Lara Wyckoff and found her post to your blog. Am looking to get in contact with her .. we are old friends. If you know where she is, I'd love to get her email address so I can write to her! Thanks much.