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Busy Work

Here's how busy I am at work right now:

It's 6:21pm on Wednesday and I'm reading emails that someone sent to me at 3:14pm. On Monday.

UPDATE: It's now 7:48pm and I've finally made it to my emails from Tuesday. Onward!

Posted March 9, 2005 6:22 PM



who's your idiot boss? I would kick her in the box.

Man, I know, I am pretty busy too. Channel flipping, stalking celebrities, eating lots of food, basking in the sun and shopping...this Spring Break is like, super hectic.

i hate you fuzzy...so much.

I was wondering if Irish people also use the generalized name "lass" when talking about a girl. I think of it as Scottish, but wasnt sure if it was also used in Ireland. So I googled "Irish Girl" and your link came up #1. So here I am. I like the clean look of your page and especially like the "travel down marker" on your navigational links. Cool