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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

There I was, driving away from Caribou with my morning coffee, minding my own business, when who should call? My baby brother, Patrick Nolan, live from the deck of the U.S.S. Carney, somewhere in the Mediterranean. It was so great to hear his voice, and I didn't even get choked up until the very end.

I know he reads my site because he posts comments in his crazy pidgin English, where he just throws commas and apostrophes in amongst misspelled words and hopes for the best. So, I wanted to use this venue to say hello to Patrick and all the people on his ship he's told me about: Hi, Patrick! Hi, Hoagie, Dixon, Ruiz, Bovell, Brown, Jiminez, Wills, Hoopman and Carpenter (FNGs!), West, and Bennedictus! Take good care of my brother, assholes!

And with that, I leave you with a photo of Pat - behind a bar somewhere in Croatia.

Posted February 17, 2005 11:30 PM | On This Day: 2003



Pat called me last night at 10:10PM, right as I was drinking my last glass of wine and putting out my last smoke of the day while doing my nails and eating a bowl of ice cream while watching Howard Stern bash some "she thinks she's so hot chick" on the TV. Not TRUE, really!

I had just gotten into bed after brushing my teeth and Pat calls. I actually thought it was my hubby calling to let me know he was on his way home.

What a nice surprise to hear Pat's voice! He sounded good and was asking questions about the kids.

Great to talk to him and now the kids will drop him a note. Hopefully Pat will tell them all about his life on a ship while working for DA MAN!

Oh look, it's Paddy! But, what the heck is he doing behind the bar --washing dishes? OMG, Is that another tattoo I see? Cigarettes. I see cigarettes. He's not SMOKING now for the love of gawd, is he? And look! there's DIRT on that dish drainer thing. That's NOT clean for gawd sake! And his pants! They're sagging. He's not getting enough to eat. Somebody feed my boy. But he's smiling, so enough already of the worrying. Hugs from Mpls. Paddy.

Only an Irishman could look THAT at home behind a bar, however foreign it could be.

How is it that our whole family is of the handsome, dark haired Irish variety, and I had to be the funny little red-head? I want my money back!

Irish-Girl Fans,
From the crew onboard USS Carney, we would like to thank you for the endless amount of entertainment we derive from both your web site and your brother. Ruiz would like to state for the record that NOBODY calls him an asshole. And I would agree; at least while he's around.
To Margret and Steve: Your son is growing into a man. It's time to release the reins. No smoking (apparently they were just on the bar), but you should ask him to take off his shirt sometime.
Time to go, but I'll be checking in from time to time.
From some where in the Med,
Dixon etc.

How rad is it that SAILORS comment on my site?!

totally cool that you get sailors commenting, and it isn't true what they say about how sailors talk.. or at least not in that post anyway..

To Dixon and Ruiz: Welcome to the Family! I guess entertaining the world just goes with the territory when you're a McInerny. Just doing my job with the motherly worry bit. Do you know any mom who says, "I've got 4 adults." No, siree, they say, "I've got 4 children." Well, they might say, "grown-children." As for the tattoos. Paddy's first tattoo was posted on this very site while it was still oozing and raw. I've seen Petunia. How many are there? Well, he's said more than three but less than 5. the ink makes me crazy, and Paddy knows that, but that's just me, doing the Mom thing. Stay in touch gentlemen. We're thinking of you as you serve our country. "Non Sibi Sed Patriae"--not for self but for country. I hear that's the unofficial Navy motto.
All the best from the Midwest, Paddy's mammy, Madge