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I Would Walk for Myles and Myles

I was going to make a very long post about some very meaningful topics (seriously!) but then I got the following email:

"Would you by chance want to babysit Thursday night from say 6:30 until 10:30 or so? It would involve either, both or none of supper and bath and then putting him to bed. He usually goes to bed about 8:00."

This is He:

He who caused me call for the closure of all uteri everywhere. He whose parents my mother declared should quit their jobs and only make babies because they have perfected it. He who must be obeyed. And he whose ass must by wiped thrice daily. Um, okay that part won't be so cool. But the giggling! And the goo-goo-ing! And the big belly farts I'm going to give him! That will make it all worthwhile!

Annnd, since I'm babysitting I totally get to raid the fridge. I hope they have Twizzlers. And cable.

P.S. Does anyone else hear that TICKING?!

Posted February 15, 2005 7:42 PM | On This Day: 2003



Thanks! This is so me and the mom can go out and drink like juveniles.


Yup thanks! knowing that our little milky moon white skinned babe is belly laughing at your tummy farts, I will be drinking like a women set free of all familial bondage.

The Mountain Dew is in the fridge, and we won't even turn on the nanny cam!