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The Scarlett Letter

I don't watch very much TV. In fact, the only TV we have that's capable of getting reception (and that's with rabbit ears and a lot of fiddling around, mind you) is sitting in our basement. On the floor. Under a table stacked with back issues of Wired. So, to watch TV means going downstairs, bringing the TV up, finding a place to put it, plugging it in, and fiddling around with the rabbit ears. So like I said, I don't watch very much TV.

That being said, if there is a TV around I will consume as much shitty television shows as humanly possible. Sometimes I'll watch two or three at a time (I'm really good with the clicker). I'm particularly vulnerable to shows on E! Entertainment Television, VH1 and MTV (Though the whole Real World thing is so eleven years ago. Stop already!). So keeping an '80s-era television in the basement is all about self-preservation. Me with cable and TiVo would be like a crack addict rooming with Flavor Flav. It's just not a good idea.

That being said, there is one really good show on television right now and that is Project Runway. Yes, it is a "reality show," but the best part of it is getting to watch the creative process, and seeing the dresses that the designers come up with in less than two days. I love it!

But, of course I can never watch it because it's on Bravo and I have the whole rabbit ear thing going on. So, I make strategic trips to use the treadmill at my parents' house and I watch the show guilt-free while I work out. Tonight, at 7pm I watched last week's episode where hot, hot, hot, beautiful, delicous Robert got booted. And then we watched this week's show, and I have to say: AUSTIN SCARLETT WAS ROBBED.

I love you, Austin Scarlett. I love that you wear lipgloss and scarves and don't apologize for it. I love that you handled your rejection with total class. I love that you never compromise what you see to be your purpose in life and you just make beautiful, feminine, retro, Doris Day-like clothes.

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