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First Quarter Report

Sunday was our three-month anniversary - what I like to refer to as Q1 of marriage. So far, so good.

Things are busy at The Lovenest: sites are moving to new servers, boxes are moving out of the basement, remodeling projects are getting started...life is good. And - I know you won't believe this, but Jeremy actually THREW AWAY a magazine today. It was from the '90s, but I'm still very proud of him. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Posted February 7, 2005 10:27 PM | On This Day: 2003



What hosting service are you moving the sites to?

He didn't actually throw it away.....he gave it to me for safekeeping...it was after all the Oct 87 issue of computer shopper....You don't actually think he is going to throw that issue away do you??? What could you be thinking??? It contains a very succinct discussion on the merits of thermal recal resets for 2 gig AV hard drives.....(plus the monthly fold out is Miss SCSI Micropolis...waawaawaa)

thermal rectal resets??!!

that's reCAL as in Recalibration....sheesh....babe....