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The Streak

I can't believe I've neglected to mention my latest hair adventure. I like to call it the Cruela DeVil: a nice big white streak. Sure, my hair is about ready to fall out from all the bleach, but that's part of the fun.

A bigger part of the fun is that I started my new job last week and now I get to meet all these new people and try not to laugh when I see them trying to look at the streak without me noticing they're looking at my streak. Their eyes will quickly dart around my head and then come back like, "What?! I kept eye contact the whole time! That was your imagination, streaky girl!"

I've started a rumor that it's a birthmark. We'll see if it catches on, though my roots will eventually give me away.

Photo coming soon.

Posted February 1, 2005 3:54 PM | On This Day: 2006 2003



sounds like my dream hair adventure, when more of my hair falls out I'm buying the uglies toupee ever and then wearing it

I feel like a loser, because my last post didn't work. The point of it was, I was watching the Ashlee Simpson show at the gym and I had the urge to dye my hair really dark and rock out. But then I thought, Meghan has dark hair and tries to rock. Is Meghan the Ashlee of the family? Am I the Jessica? Meg is married, so is she both Jessica AND Ashlee? If so, not fair. PS my roommate has the white streak birthmark and it looks super neat. But hers is natural, poser.

Nora, you are the Jessica

Nora: To make you feel less like a loser, I deleted your two other comments.

I'm not so sure I want to be either Ashlee OR Jessica. Can't I be the Janeane?

you cant be janeane.........i am

"if i had to describe the way i survive, its like vice squeezin' the reason im black and still breathin.
hethans will breed hethans, so everybodies suspect i must check, yo id."

Not sure what to make of Paddy's comment. Must be the Croatian air that's getting to him. Love his spelling!
This is off topic but: did anyone read the NYT article from Jan 30 about blogging? Specifically, there is a San Francisco company that tracks Web logs. Last year 8,500 people who blogged about their children. And, every 4.7 seconds someone starts a NEW blog (who measures these stats anyway?). Interesting reading.

Jonathan Ross is dubbed "risque" by Ofcom but not in breach of rules over an interview with David Cameron...