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Like Anime, But Weirder

A while ago, Jeremy found a trailer online for a movie called, "Casshern." Now, it's got a whole fancy website, but back then it was just this oddball thing out of nowhere. We had only a vague idea what it was about, as the whole trailer was in Japanese with no subtitles. But, visually, the thing freaking rocked. We were dying to find a copy!

Many months later, our toil has come to fruition. I'm happy to report that this weekend we watched Casshern! Someone we know tracked down a DVD with English subtitles in Japan and ordered it. Someone purchased a DVD player from a large American retailer, and someone else figured out how to disable the region encoding, making it possible for us to watch a DVD from Japan. Someone has a projector and a huge screen in their house, and the rest is nerd history.

So, Casshern. It was long. It was very, very weird. And it totally rocked.

I hope those same words are someday spoken about my life.

Posted January 30, 2005 10:44 PM | On This Day: 2003



I'm still trying to grasp what I watched sat. Night

I love those asian imports on ebay... You know they're probably bootlegs... but when the movie isn't released here, who can tell!?

oh, and can I borrow your copy?

it's not my copy, it's a friends. so i don't have one you can borrow. (yet. but we probably will someday because jeremy LOVED the movie). and it's definitely not a bootleg - it came in some wicked nice packaging with like 3 DVDs.