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Hooray for Bollywood!

Um, yeah. As if the countdown to the release of Bride & Prejudice didn't have me peeing my pad* with glee, last night we had dinner at Udupi and the lobby of the restaurant was plastered - PLASTERED - with posters advertising Bollywood films ON THE BIG SCREEN. IN THE TWIN CITIES. Not kidding. I felt like screaming, "I knew it! I knew it! I knew that somehow, somewhere, someone was enjoying Bollywood in a real theater and not telling me about it!"

Jeremy had already opened the door and walked into the restaurant, while I stood there gaping openmouthed at a poster for Kisha. I turned my head slowly toward the restaurant. Jeremy and two older Indian men were looking at me. One of them nodded, smiled and said, "Kisha, yes. Kishna. Is new movie."

I proceeded to tell him how much I loved Bollywood and how excited I was to be able to see them in a theater. He said, skeptically, "You have seen Bollywood?"

And then I put the Bollywood SMACKDOWN on him and rattled off all the films I've seen in the past few years (Lagaan, Taal, Asoka, Akele Hum, Akele Tum, etc.) Boo-ya!

I think he was duly impressed, as he spent a fair amount of time with our table after that helping us choose dishes. I had Gobi Manghuriani (cauliflower marinated with flour and sautéed with garlic, ginger, chili, and soy sauce). The owner (at least, I think he was the owner. He was giving off an owner vibe.) said it was "Chinese-style" which sort of makes sense; it sure didn't taste like any other Indian food I've ever had. Jeremy had a vegetable vindaloo, Lori had a Paneer Manghuriani (just like mine, except cheese cubes instead of cauliflower) and Austin had an Indian eggplant curry. The eggplants looked like mini-eggplants. Or like giant black olives, depending on how you look at it.

We also got an appetizer sampler which included like 6 fried things: a sort of curried breaded onion. Fried. A lentil cake. Fried. A lentil donut (seriously). Fried. It was all pretty decent, but I was looking forward to a light meal - and it really wasn't very light.

We also had two kinds of bread: batura and garlic paratha. The garlic bread was like a very thick tortilla, moist and PACKED with fresh garlic. The batura was like a Dutch pancake. Seriously! I wanted the Indian guy to call out "Pannekoeken!" when he brought it over. But he didn't.

So. All-in-all, the food was decent but when your fingers are shiny with grease after the meal, methinks it might not be so healthy. I want to try it again, though. The guy who ran the place was very cool and I'm hoping they have some other more healtheir items I could try next time.

In other news, I start my new job on Monday. Egad.

*Full credit for the term "pee my pad," "peeing my pad" and any variation thereof goes to Mopsa, the inventor of the term. Since I can't imagine who else would come up with such a delightfully disturbing phrase, I'm giving it to her. But, she also claims to have invented "fuckstick." So, whatever.

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I usually love Udupi. You should really give it another chance, friend.

And who is this Mopsa person? He/She sounds dreadful.

I used to wake up every Saturday morning and watch Showbiz India TV. I would always beg my friend Milan to translate the movies for me (no subtitles... bitchin' music!!), but he HATED Bollywood movies so he wouldn't do it, heh. So I've watched a bit of it, I have a cd of Bollywood music that my best friend Dani and I would always sing (having no clue what we were saying), but to this day, I have no idea WHAT I've seen or WHAT I was singing! I saw on a documentary that India puts out the most films of any country... Something like a dozen a week if I remember correctly... Methinks we have some catching up to do.