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Healthy Weight Week

Is it a coincidence that my birthday week is also Healthy Weight Week? I think not! Today is a great day to get healthier. Do it! (And no, I don't get paid for that link. Dammit!)

Speaking of which, I weighed in yesterday, and have gained 1 pound since last week. Not surprising, with all the birthday celebrating I was doing. But, the next few weeks, it's nose to the grindstone - I'm 4 pounds heavier today than I was the day I got married! Still within my range, and still doing well - but that's not a trend I want to continue.

Now, everyone go eat some vegetables.

Posted January 19, 2005 6:58 AM



So how were you able to calculate your "healthy weight range?" I'm pretty sure I'm in mine, but it'd be a good thing to know.

Also, learning to eat vegetables has been on my New Years resolutions lists for the past three or four years. Last year I established a like for snow peas in Chinese food. I consider that a victory. Pretty sad, huh?

there are two ways:
calculate your BMI

or check a weight/height chart