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Birthday Recap

Another year, another birthday. Below is the long drawn-out birthday weekend extravaganza recap. And for those of you wondering what I did for a party, the answer is nothing. I felt partied-out after all the wedding stuff, and couldn't think of a good family-friendly venue where people could just drop by. So, we decided to do a 30 1/2 Birthday BBQ this July. Like my friend Jennie pointed out, I can set a new record: making my birthday last six months.

So, here's the birthday lowdown:

Saturday night, my awesome husband took me to Tiburon (neither of us had tried it before), which was good. Not amazing, but good. The decor is sparse and trendy - most of the "atmosphere" comes from the serpentine fish tank between the bar and restaurant, and from the slowly-changing neon lights that illuminate the back wall. Hey, I'm not complaining. At least they don't have thirteen pieces of flair.

The food is Caribbean fusion, with traditional dishes from a featured Caribbean island each month (this month is Trinidad). J and I each tried the Spicy Calabaza (pumpkin) soup, which was delicious. Very spicy. So spicy it gave me hiccups. (I'm a very classy date.) For dinner, I had Roasted Jerk Chicken and Jeremy had Paella. He felt like the Paella could have been spicier. My chicken was good, but - like I said - not amazing. We were stuffed after dinner, so I suggested that instead of ordering dessert at Tiburon we go to Barnes & Noble to look at books on Thailand and have a cookie and some coffee. So we did.

At B+N, we got some travel books, and I ended up buying a book off the clearance rack titled, "The Girls' Guide to Power & Success." Let me tell you right now, the book is a piece of crap and deserves to be on the clearance rack. First of all, this woman goes off about how The Man is holding us all down, then later in the book one of her suggestions for getting ahead is to "hire a cleaning lady." HELLO. First of all, she's spent the first part of the book raging against stereotypes, and then she refers to someone as a "cleaning lady." Second of all, why is it that for women to get ahead in the world, we require hiring other women to do the shitty jobs we don't want to do because we're so powerful and successful? Is it just me, or is that kind of effed up? Don't even get me STARTED on the grammar and spelling mistakes; I think I had found four of them in the first chapter alone! Sorry, I know I'm going off on a tangent here, and I don't want to minimize the female struggle in the business world - because I know there is one- I was just irritated by this book's approach.

We returned home and ran upstairs to our bedroom to tear off our clothes and...read our new books. Then we fell asleep. Marriage RULES!

Sunday morning, I woke up to puppy clowns running all over the house! (In case you don't know, puppy clowns are puppies dressed up as clowns.) Okay, not really - but I really hope puppy clowns wake me up next year. In reality, I was woken up by my awesome husband who handed me my first birthday present of the day: a gift certificate to Uptown Tattoo! I've been talking a lot about getting my maiden name tattooed on my arm (I swear it would not be as pirate-like as it just sounded right there), but Jeremy has been not-so-keen on the idea. I think he's worried that I'll just keep tatooing myself until I end up at our nursing home bridge game with tribal face designs. So, it was an especially sweet and meaningful gift.

But wait - that's not all! For my next gift, he told me to look under the bed. In addition to dust bunnies and an old t-shirt, there was a brand spanking new G5 iMac tucked under there! What?! Yeah. I'm now officially back in the Mac family after an eight-year absence. I still have my PC laptop, but it will either get eBay'ed or be a backup machine. I still think it's nice to have both platforms around the house, especially for QA if we're doing freelance web development, but whatever. That doesn't really matter. What matters is I have a NEW iMac! It's so sweet.

Sunday night, we had a potluck at Tommy's and I got more gifts! A Zen Alarm Clock from Tommy & Juggy, a sweet t-shirt from Austin & Lori, and the Doris Day/Rock Hudson Romance Collection from my mom. I'm super psyched about everything! Apparently Becca has a mystery gift for me that I'll get later this week. Craig sent me an Amazon gift certificate, AND claims to have two more gifts for me next time he sees me. My mother-in-law sent me some cash, with which I went to Old Navy and bought myself a SWANK new coat for Spring and some PJ pants. A girl does not deserve this much!

Thirty is shaping up to kick some serious ass - and not just because I got awesome gifts. More because I have amazing people all around me who love me and support me and believe in me. GROUP HUG!

I have to go grocery shopping now. Because that's what married people do. We shop. For groceries.

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you know, you can sell your PC on ebay and get virtual PC to do those annoying little PC things.

I get woken up by puppy clowns all the time!

Only instead of puppies, they're dogs that weigh as much as I do.

And instead of being dressed up like clowns, they're usually eating my clothes!

Come to think of it, they're not much like puppy clowns at all, are they? Details, details.

Also, this isn't a bogus fakeout email address... It's just that your blog hates my gmailaddress, so I had to use my backup. :)