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Goal Mine

2004 was insane (in a really good way), and I'm feeling great about 2005! I'm married, at my goal weight, turning 30, I have a new job (more on that news later), and I'm ready to conquer the world. 2005 is the Year of the Meghan.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2005.

Love + Marriage
- Be an awesome wife. This involves not nagging, among other things.

- Go to Thailand for at least two weeks with my husband.

Career + Money
- Get to - and maintain - zero credit card debt.

- Save as much for retirement as humanly possible. (For some reason, I'm obsessed with retirement lately.)

- Kick ass at my new job.

- Start the side business that Jeremy and I have been talking about.

- Look into being a leader at WW.

Health + Fitness
- Maintain my weight or lose 10 more pounds.
I would be completely happy to just stay where I'm at, but if I could muster up the dedication to lose 10 more, I'd toast to that. Though that's less important to me than the goal below.

- Be more active.
Specifically, I'd like to commit to a regular exercise schedule at least 4 days a week. I'd like to Rollerblade more (I realize the Rollerblade company objects to me using their brand name as a verb, but too damn bad), run another 5k (and talk to the doctor about what I can do to make my knees hurt less after I run - arch support inserts, maybe?), start doing weights, continue doing yoga, and try to develop a home practice instead of only doing it at the studio.

- Meditate. Relax.
Learn to turn off my inner voice once in a while - the one that's constantly making lists of things I need to get done. The one that's making this list right now.

- Be more patient.

- Pick a place to Volunteer.
I just realized that in grading myself on this goal in 2004 I overlooked the fact that I did a TON of volunteering for SASE: The Write Place and helped get their new site up and running. They can now update most of the content on their own, and they can take payments online - a huge step for them. They were so grateful they sent a really nice letter to my employer telling them how awesome I am. Ow! My arm is getting sore from patting myself on the back!

- Start my Idea Group.

- Stop twirling my hair.
I'll give myself a million dollars if I actually do this. I mostly just keep it on the to-do list to make my mom happy.

- Write more poetry.
Maybe take a workshop to get me started again? The muse hasn't visited me in a while.

- Learn something new.

- Clean up the design and code of this site.
Do as much of it myself as possible. (This would help fulfill the "learn something new" resolution.) Make it so it doesn't look like crap in Firefox.

- Knit myself a sweater.
Preferably this one.

- Be more polite.
Ripping a giant fart at Becca's New Year's Eve party did not get this resolution off on the right foot AT ALL. My new motto is WWDDD: What would Doris Day do?. (I'll tell you what she'd do - she'd put on her overcoat with matching hat and pumps and she'd march right over to Rock Hudson's apartment and give him a piece of her mind!)

- Write letters to my little brother in the Navy. I'm the worst sister ever - I hardly write any letters!

Okay, that is all. Happy 2005, y'all. This is my year, I can tell.

Posted January 11, 2005 7:46 AM | On This Day: 2006 2004