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The Day of Reckoning

Once again, I need to grade myself on how well I've achieved my New Year's resolutions. In retrospect, I really should have put these somewhere where I'd see them more often. There are entire goals on here that I completely forgot about! So I guess my first goal of 2005 should be to post my damn goals. But I'm getting ahead of myself: now is not the time when we set new goals. Now is the time when we look at our old goals:

1. Get to goal weight. (A)
I did it! And in time for the wedding, too. Definitely my biggest accomplishment this year.

2. Learn to Rollerblade. (B)
I sort of already knew how to Rollerblade, but not very well. While I did not become a pro this year, I did go Rollerblading at least once that I can remember. It was fun - I shall do it again next year! Maybe even twice.

3. Start an aggressive saving plan. (B-)
Jeremy and I saved quite a bit for the wedding, which was good. Of course, we spent it all on the wedding, but at least we know we can save. I saved a lot into my 401(k) this year, which is also good. I read The Millionaire Next Door, which got me all riled up about saving even more. We need to still work on this one in 2005. It would help if our house wasn't so close to DSW.

4. Work on being more patient. (C)
Being patient is hard. I still suck at it. I want an oompa-loompa now, daddy!

5. Pick a place to Volunteer. (F)
I thought about this, but did nothing about it. Too distracted with the wedding; this one will move to the 2005 goals.

6. Plan a kickass wedding. (A+)

7. Lead a more active life. See goals 1 and 2. (B+)
I ran a 5k on December 4, which was a huge accomplishment for me. I've also been doing yoga between one and three times a week. I could stand to be more active - I'd like to do some cardio and strength work on a more regular basis. Jeremy's sister (an ex-personal trainer and possibly the most fit person I know) has agreed to help me with a fitness plan for 2005.

8. Start my Idea Group. Like a book group, but better. More details to follow.
I haven't actually done this yet, but I met with my friend Terry last week to start talking about how to set it up. It's going to be the Next Big Thing, I'm telling you!

9. Increase flexibility. (B)
The yoga is helping. I think. I still can't touch my toes, though.

10. Stop twirling my hair. (D)
I might just have to embrace the twirling as a part of my charm. I can't give it up.

11. Meditate. (C)
I go to a yoga center where meditation is a part of the practice, but I haven't done a ton of meditation. Thinking about taking a class, or going to the zen center again.

12. Create a poetry book with Gretchen. (F)
I totally didn't do this, and I hardly talk to Gretch anymore. WTF?

13. Finish paying off credit card. And mom. (B)
Got the card paid off, then racked it up for the wedding and honeymoon. But, it will be paid off again soon. My mom forgave my debt as a Christmas gift, which was completely awesome - but can't really be counted as a personal success. The debt has now shifted to the guilt bank.

14. Learn something new. Spanish, maybe. (D)
I don't think I really learned anything new. Like a skill or anything "official." I did learn a few key Spanish words and phrases for the honeymoon, but overall this one needs to be moved to 2005. I did learn a lot of life lessons, though - does that count?

Posted January 3, 2005 7:31 AM



well having attended your wedding, I think you should raise your A+ your wedding was beyond an A+

I think you could easily blow every other resolution off of this list since you accomplished #1 (and you look friggin fabulous, might I add) and #6. Those are HUGE. Cut back on the list, girl. Cut yourself some slack!!

You rock.

I was looking up Irish Girl names and look what I found! It was your web site. I have read your posting and have to disagree with you on #14. You said that you had read a book that talked about how to save money and then you put that information to use. Learning to Pay off your credit card and paying into you 401K I think should count for learning something new. A lot of folks have not clue on how to structure a savings plan. So, pat yourself on the back!!