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Tolstoy on Reproduction

Jeremy and I have been discussing the kid question(s) lately. As in, should we have them? When should we have them? How many should we have?

Meanwhile, I've been reading Anna Karenina on the bus to and from work, and came across this quote that made me laugh out loud. One of the characters is about to get married, and two of his male friends are trying to talk him out of marriage and family life. One of the men says:

"People who can't do anything should make people, and the rest should contribute to their enlightenment and happiness..."

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. And I'm pretty sure we're going to have at least one of the little buggers. But that quote - goddamn. Can you even stand it?! So harsh. Chock full of intellectual elitism. I love it!

Posted December 20, 2004 7:27 AM | On This Day: 2002



they refer to that as "Family Values"

so im in the ocean and i end up getting on the internet. so i figure 'hell ill visit my sisters blog' and whats the first thing i get to hear about? baby makin'! thats great meg i hope your proud that you made your little brother brother uncomfortable over a 1000+ mile distance.
i must insist that if your intercoarse leads to a male child that you name him Young Corneilius Patrick Wilker. its practically a family name. at least drop the young corneilius part.

p.s. hows it going germ?