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Black & Bluetooth

I just need to vent and say that trying to get Bluetooth to work on a PC is a complete and utter crock. I have spent at least EIGHT HOURS of my life installing, reinstalling, and patching files in an attempt to get a stupid Belkin bluetooth dongle (Heh. I said dongle) to work on either one of my two PC laptops.

Why? Why, you ask? Because I need to synchronize my stupid calendar between my work computer, my cell phone and my home computer. You might think this problem could be solved by a cord which might connect my cell phone to my aforementioned computers, but NO. The Nokia 3650 ONLY CONNECTS TO COMPUTERS VIA BLUETOOTH. The very same Bluetooth that I CAN'T GET TO GODDAMN WORK.

I had it working for a while, both at home and at work. But then I got a new laptop and work, and suddenly I can't recreate my earlier success (which admittedly, ended with me saying, "I don't know how or why this thing has suddenly decided to work, but I am glad of it and shall now rejoice. Huzzah!" Or something along those lines.). To make things worse, the home system - which was working, has now stopped.

God bless Jon Scaife, but I have followed his instructions to the letter and still have NOTHING.

On days like this, I think technology is a friggin' crock and I consider adding a Franklin planner to my Amazon wishlist. The only time paper stops working is when it catches on fire. Or blows away. Or gets really, really wet. Whatever. At least you can doodle in the margins. Even when it's working, Bluetooth can't do that.

Posted December 14, 2004 5:59 PM | On This Day: 2002



have you tried i on Js Mac? perhapse you have a bluetooth issue with your phone.. of course it could just be Micro#$$% causing you issues.. wouldn't be a first for them.

that's funny. i like watching people deal with wireless.