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The Honeymooners

So...we got back from our honeymoon on the 18th. The trip was great - 10 days in warm and (mostly) sunny Costa Rica! I journaled like crazy - still deciding if it's worth typing it all up and posting here like I did with the Italy trip last year. It's fun to look at those posts now, but back then I was unemployed and had a little more time on my hands. Now, I'm an old married hag with a full-time job, 200 thank-you notes to write, and a house in need of some serious Martha Stewart-ing.

But I'll at least give you some Cliff's Notes.
- Seeing 8 shooting stars while watching the arenal volcano erupt against a clear, starry sky
- Seeing a mama and baby sloth so close we could have touched them. But we didn't. Because that's not nice.
- Snuggling in our bungalow at Samasati while the rain poured down outside
- Spending $107 on pina coladas at the Tabacon (not all in one night, don't worry).
- Being at an art gallery in San Jose and blurting out, "So, what's with the penises?" Thankfully, the owner realized I was talking about some sculptures on the other side of the shop.
- Going to WW when I got home and discovering I stayed exactly the same weight. Exactly. Not an ounce of difference. Methinks it was the power of the pina colada!

- When the new digital camera broke. On the 2nd day of the trip. Do you have any idea what kind of a punked-out husband I had on my hands after that?! To put his obsession hobby in perspective, he took 1200 photos when we were in Italy. We have 65 pictures of Costa Rica.

Thankfully, we have tons of pictures from the wedding. Here's one of my favorites, from the guest book photo booth we did. Isn't my husband cute?!

I suppose at some point, this wedding glow is going to fade away and I'll have to start talking about something else. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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your house need martha Stewart-ing? Does that mean you are putting bars up in the windows and moving your toilette into the bedroom? Just curious, I think it would be a bad idea since you just finished remodeling your bathroom. I'm impressed with these $107 Pina Coladas, was that for each drink? you know you calculate it down thats about $5 per sip

I have to ask...did Greg Jansen do your pics? He did ours...it's been three years, and I sometimes kick myself for not having the photbooth feature.
Either way, you guys look great! Sorry to hear about the camera...that is a drag. However, it sounds like the pina coladas helped ease the pain. mmmm...pina coladas...

Hey--No one wants to hear this yet. We're still waiting on WEDDING STORIES/NEWS!! COME ON!

I'd like to point out you used the word "methinks" in that post. This is weird for two reasons, a) you are not some ren-fest hippie, and b) you are now married, and there is no "me" in "marriage". You have no right to think as an individual anymore!

(Hmmm... technically, I guess you could cut out "arriage" and squish it all together. Nevermind then.)