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Nerd Love

Getting married makes me sleepy!

(Okay, so we totally posed for this picture, but only because we really are so worn out that our eyes are red and we look like hell!)

Posted November 7, 2004 11:00 PM | On This Day: 2005 2003 2002



aww! i love the mr. and mrs. wilker shirts...those are too adorable.
i wish i could've come to the wedding :(

All the best to you both! Don't forget to write Meg, even though you are happy and you don't NEED to write out your pain, let us know how great it is to be happy and young and in love.
Now run off and make some babies you young whippersnappers!


I was so honored to be there and witness your wedding and after wedding Swaray, I am truely happy for the both of you and look forward to watching you both grow as a married couple.

The wedding was amazing -You looked like a princess!

You must have been the most stunning bride ever.