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Honk If You Love Meghan

I don't know if this is a new cultural phenomenon, something that only happens in my town, or something that has only started happening since I lost weight, but I keep getting honked at. You know, by cars. Cars with men in them.

Like, at 7:38am on a weekday, I'll be walking to my bus stop and I'll get a *honk* from some guy in a pickup truck. Or, I'll be crossing the street on my way home from work and I'll get a timid *bee-beep.* Now that I'm writing this down, I just realize that the last three honks I can remember were guys in pickup trucks; there may be a trend here.

Yesterday at around 2pm, I was walking back to our house from Target and *honk* from two guys in...yep, a pickup truck. They were zooming by on the ramp to the highway and I was going the opposite direction on a walking path.

So, I ask you: what is the point of this? Is it just the pickup truck man's way of saying, "Lookin' good!" Do they think I'm going to turn around and wave them down and beg them to take me to the nearest sports bar? Is this a phenomenon exclusive to the near-Western suburbs? Is this a new thing? Have I just never experienced this before because dudes don't honk at chubby chicks?

What's the deal?

Posted October 17, 2004 11:37 AM



Hey, it's 5 in the morning where I live, and I'm taking the GRE tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I typed in "GRE+"Bullshit" and your site came up. I guess you hate it too, or hated it, or something has gone wrong with google, and I got your site for another reason. Anyway, I'm terrible at math, but for 45 minutes, i'm going to trick my mind into thinking that I'm the shit. Your site is interesting, I will probably be back to read some more after I fail the math section of the GRE in 3 hours, and eventually get kicked out of grad school for never obtaining the score I need.

funny, in my neighborhood its the small cars (both suped up and about to fall apart from so much rust, but always a loud muffler) that honk at me. take note that they only honk when you are alone. i also thought it was a city thing because i never got this in the suburbs, but then again, i never stood at a bus stop in the suburbs.
as for the chubby thing, i've heard lots of women complain about the honking, and never noticed it to be only for non "chubby" women/girls. but maybe it's different in the suburbs.
maybe we need to do some research and find out exactly why they honk. I certainly don't know.

Yes--it is a compliment and they want you to turn and look at them so that they can get a better look at your body.

uh. What have I been saying? YOU'RE HOT!


that honk thing is what guys have bean demoted to doing since they stopped making MR. Microphone..

"Hey Baby I'll Be back to pick you up later"