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Big News About a Smaller Me

I got my Lifetime award at Weight Watchers tonight! This means that first I achieved my goal, and then I kept it off for 6 weeks. Sweet success.

I was mildly concerned about acheiving this goal - last week I was 1.4 pounds over my goal which meant that this week I needed to a) lose weight, b) stay the same, or c) gain no more than six-tenths of a pound. I was hoping for b) or c), but I ended up getting a)!

I was surprised only because I had dinner at Kincaid's on Wednesday for Jeremy's birthday, my bachelorette party on Saturday, and Canadian Thanksgiving at Bill & Michelle's on Sunday. But, I guess this means that all my other good habits (watching what I eat on most days, trying to exercise somewhat regularly) are paying off - because despite those three special occaisions, I lost 2.2 pounds this week and am nearly one pound under my goal. Crazy!

Speaking of crazy, Nora, Becca and Jennie threw me a great bachelorette party on Saturday. I had an absolute blast whooping it up with my girlfriends and being a big ham overall. It was just so fun to hang out and laugh my head off with a great group of girls. And after dinner, I really worked the dancefloor at the Gay '90s, let me tell you.


P.S. I have two words for you party girls out there: Alka. Seltzer.

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Congrats. I know how hard you worked to reach this goal. You rock.

Who's that hot chick with you?

Yay for you Meggie! But I still want my f-ing skirts back you skinny biotch.

Wow! You Rock!

No, I seriously want my skirts back. Like now.

Don't get any thinner now!

How long can you keep it off?

Oh yeah...I almost forgot...you look great...really....more photos please ;>