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Barely Legal

We applied for our marriage license. Now all I need to do is sign a notarized form, and we get to pick up our license next week!

The only bummer is that we thought we'd get a discount ($20 instead of $85) because we went through a marriage preparation class, but you have to do twelve hours and ours was only about six.

We're actually lucky we were even able to find the class we did. Turns out it is extremely difficult to find good marriage preparation courses if you are not affiliated with a church, or getting married in one.

We spent a long time searching for a program that wasn't faith-based. The closest we could find to what we wanted was a program in San Francisco, but trying to find the money and time to travel there for the all-weekend retreat was getting us down. Also, we weren't so sure we wanted to do a group program with lots of other couples. Thankfully, a friend tipped us off about PREPARE, which was developed by a guy at the U of M. (Note: their website bites, and their directory of counselors is woefully out of date! But if you are able to find a counselor, it's a great program and we really liked it.)

You each answer a series of questions, then spend a few (3-5) sessions with a therapist who walks you through the answers and works on whatever issues you think are important, or that the test has indicated may be areas of potential conflict. The test looks at attitudes and perceptions about parenting, finances, household roles, etc. It was very cool, and I think we both felt like a stronger couple after going through it. And we learned that we agree close to 100% on financial matters!

So, even though we didn't get the license discount, I'm glad we did PREPARE. It's helped keep us focused on what's really important: that we're agreeing to spend the rest of our lives together, for better or for worse.

We're ready!

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This is totally off topic, but...

Do you have any of that Gap Grass perfume that you'd be willing to sell? I LOVED that stuff, and just found a tin of the solid scent buried in my closet the other day and remember how much I dug it.

Let me know, would you? Thanks!

(And congrats on the impending nuptuals!)

No mention of the wildly amazing bachelorette party thrown by your little sister?