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Don't Pay for Shit

Top Five Reasons Why Going to Your Local Dog Park to Watch a Large Dog take a Poo is Better Than Going to See Man on Fire

05. You won't have to put up with annoying and overused editing techniques.
04. Dakota Fanning will likely not be there acting precocious.
03. Marc Anthony will likely not be there acting like he's acting.
02. It's free.
01. The ending will be more suprising.

Posted May 8, 2004 10:00 PM | On This Day: 2002



... Or you could mebbe go watch singing sensation Britney Spears live like I did a few days back in Europe. Dude, it was totally off the hook. Brit is so awesome.

Plus, you get to see a large dog do that precarious balancing whilst turding type thing. And that's always funny.

And yes, that is a word.

speaking of dogs, have you seen the skateboarding bulldog?


Ooooh girl!! If you wanna spend your day watching other people's dogs do their business then you go right ahead! Ain't nobody gonna tell you what you can and can't do, okaaay? Okay.

your forgot that watching a dog take a poo, although I would suggest that the dog is really leaving the poo and not taking it, is that its about 5 hours shorter then man on fire.

HEHE, denna var ju jättekul! Men nu ska jag sno din hemsidan! /tatttareeen

translated loosely: This was of course really fun, but now I will (twist, wind, turn) your home page


Came across your site from some other blog. Pretty nice. I like the URL name, as well as the green irish theme :)

I live in Boston, and can barely ignore the irish influence. Also liked your bio-format ( chronological ).


I don't like this website much, for it's lack of all things Nora.