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Lesson #973

Note to Self:
If you call your fiance and ask if he'll come pick you up from work to take a lovely Spring scooter ride, and you end up at The Sample Room for a delicious dinner bathed in waning sunlight, followed by a leisurely ride through Kenwood and the Lakes area and finally home to The Lovenest, and you happen to be wearing a short fitted skirt, be sure to ask him to bring you a pair of capris to change into first.

Note to Northeast and parts of South Minneapolis:
Sorry about the view.

Posted April 28, 2004 8:46 PM | On This Day: 2003



Now that is just plain cute. Not *that*. Just that. Cute.

You go girl! If you wanna air out that nastiness all over town then you do it, child! Ain't nobody's business but your own!

Well meg that is one of the many things you have revieled to me that i dont really want to know...you sicken....but i did laugh.

Nothing wrong about riding a scooter - I got a "speeding" warning this winter for scooting in the underground parking lot.