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Delayed Brief Recap

I'm a slacker. LA was fun, and I meant to keep a Travel Log like I did for Italy, but I only managed two entries - and those were both before I got off the plane in California.

But, I had a fun time with Laurel and Caryn - we missed Becca (who couldn't make it this year) and we didn't get a tan. Oh, and Craig Kilborn is sort of lame in person. But I did get to throw some ASL at Marlee Matlin which was super cool. And I saw the rapping guy from the Blu Blockers commercial. He's still rappin' after all these years - right in front of Mann's Chinese Theater with a wee amp.

I posted some photos and a new poem imaginitively titled, "Los Angeles."

Posted April 22, 2004 10:40 PM | On This Day: 2002



Thanks for the pics. Keep up the exercise and stay away from the fries.

Jesus, could you stop smiling and looking like me? Get your own face.

Awesome photo of the BH 90210 beach house. That's worth the trip right there. Best show ever!!


i think i may hate you...you were in los angeles and you didn't call? i'm gonna go sit in a corner and pout now.