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Mac Daddy

The Zen of My Dad

Me: Advertising is bullshit.
Dad (who's been a copywriter for, like, 20 years): *Buddha-like laughter* Well, of course it is! But it pays well.


Posted March 22, 2004 10:04 PM | On This Day: 2006




Do I detect some resistance
to the meditation practice, Grasshoppa? Surely you meant Om or Aum? ;-)

I still get a charge out of you.

There's a lot of Jungian psychology stuff in advertising too: the advertisement obviously seeks to manipulate the desires and greed of the public.

Yet also, the advertisement serves to "[...] express the prejudices, projections, and unconscious complexes (mainly the power complex) of those who manipulate public opinion." Quote from M.L. von Franz Man And His Symbols.

You can totally see this underlying power complex at work in a lot of modern commercials which don't really say anything about the actual product.

Like Tommy Hilfiger adverts, for example.

if the budha laughs and no one hears the budha is the budha really laughing?

Maybe you should try public relations instead. It's fun to mold the opinion of the public.