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And So It Begins

Now that it's been a year since Jeremy and I met, you'll have to endure a whole year of posts that start with, "A year ago today, Jeremy and I..."

A year ago today, Jeremy and I had our first date. We met at Sawatdee for dinner, went to see Far From Heaven, played Dance Dance Revolution at GameWorks, then went to Little Tijuana's for late-night Mexican. At the end of the night, I gave him this really awkward one-armed car hug and then hated myself for it afterward.

And the rest is history.

Posted March 15, 2004 10:37 PM



A year ago....Meghan was calling me asking what to wear on a date with this guy named Jeremy...we picked out her outfit over the phone. The next day I got a phone call about the most amazing date of her life...and the rest is history.

A year ago... this crazy chick called me up on the phone and asked me out to a movie. It unnerved me but I agreed. I just about made her spit her Thai soup all over the next table with a funny story and we had a very nice time, even though I was nervous it would be a blind-date disaster and very awkward. She beat me at most of the video games... and the rest is history.

A year ago...I missed my flight home to Minneapolis from LA and had to pay an extra $100 to leave the next day. Let's just say i'm sitting in David Coyle's college library while my boyfriend works out when i'm supposed to be on an airplane going home, it happened again folks, deja vu...I guess the rest is history.

played Dance Dance Revolution at GameWorks

Presuming you both wanted to do that, I agree, indeed, yes, for sure, a match made in heaven. Did you plug into the same Walkman and listen to Brittany Spears?