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It's a well-known fact that I'll try anything once. Shooting a gun, mountain biking, and getting a bikini wax are all good examples. This weekend, I managed to try two new things.

Friday night, Jeremy, Jack, Bill, Michelle, and I headed down to Bill's parents' place on Lake Okoboji for a weekend of relaxation. J and I both got home from work late, but managed to throw some clothes together and make it out the door around 7pm. The roads were awful due to drifting snow on the outstate roads and a jackknifed semi on the road, and a trip that normally takes 2.5 hours took 6.

But despite the harrowing journey, it was a lovely weekend. Bill's parents are the most hospitable hosts ever, and everyone just gets to hang out and do whatever they want. For me, that mostly meant getting my knit on and watching crappy TV. I got 2/3 of a cardigan done and watched the E! True Hollywood story of Pamela Anderson, followed by Rock Star Daughters. I might have also peeked at the Road Rules/Real World Challenge. Quality!

On Saturday, I drove a snowmobile (New Experience #1!). Despite being born and bred in Minnesota, I've actually only been on a snowmobile once, and never behind the wheel. Or handlebars...whatever. I just don't come from a snowmobiling line. Nor is it a camping line. My people are indoor people - we like wine and careers in advertising. At any rate, the snowmobile was fun - and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I hollered, "Yee-haaaah!" while hurtling across the ice and snow.

New Experience #2 was our dinner stop at Emma Krumbee's tonight on the way home. We pass this place every time we go down to see J's parents, and he always mentions that they used to go there as kids. So we went. And wow, it's quite an experience. Let's just say that the words "Home-Cookin'" get used a lot, and if you don't like gravy you should just turn around and walk right through the mercantile gift shop, past the scented candles and old-tyme oven, and out the door. I enjoyed some Yankee Pot Roast and entertained myself by pointing out grammatical errors and typos on the menu ("waffle's" and "A ouse specialty" were my favorites).

The drive home was a breeze, and now my honey and I are parked right in front of our computers, suckling at the teat of technology after an entire weekend offline. This is what nerd love looks like. Avert your eyes.

Posted February 22, 2004 8:53 PM | On This Day: 2003