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Wedding Bells Redux

Congratulations to my cousin, Justine, who got engaged on Valentine's Day.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning! And get out your checkbook, kid. This ride ain't free.

Posted February 16, 2004 7:18 PM | On This Day: 2003



Engagement ring: $2500

Honeymoon: $4000

Seeing your best friends in the wedding party dressed up like hideous prom dates: priceless

hey meg, thanks for the shout out on the website. now it really feels official. :) we'll have to actually hang out sometime now with both beaus. hope your planning is going well. xo justine

Hi; great site! When I saw the decorated jeans above, I knew I should link to yours from mine, and lo, t'was done.

(I hope the comments function allows html, or I'm going to look like and ass :-) )

Oh man, you know what this means? TWO bachelorette parties! Don't worry guys, i'm already planning.

Ask Fuzz how she made $200 at her last bachelorette party...

Isn't it time for EDDIE MULLEN to pipe in with a comment?!