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You're Fired.

I wanted to finish some knitting projects, so I was watching TV tonight (a fairly rare event) and um, I really like The Apprentice.

I also checked out Frontline's American Porn. Thought-provoking. Very soon I'm going to write a very thought-provoking post about it. But now? Now is the time for bed.

Oh but first, I was thinking - it's so funny that people pay for cable and satellite TV. Because what they're paying for is to be advertised to. They are paying to watch commercials and programs that are selling them things that they have to pay for. It's fucked up if you think about it. That's why I'm sticking to rabbit ears and Netflix, man. That and the fact that if there's a TV within 10 yards, Jeremy and I start staring blankly and drooling. Just ask Craig, he's seen it.

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Now, you know that's just not true cable TV is wonderful, and in fact I'll share with you a lengthy government study about it. First, it says.. wait.. ooh.. there's a Three's Company rerun on..


Two Thoughts About TV In the UK:
You have to buy a TV license, which is about $300/yr
They can say any swear word on TV and they don't edit sexually explicit things.

What knitting projects are you working on?

yeah, it was amazing. as soon as i turned on my cable tv, m & j turned into zombies. it was like sitting a couple of 4 year-olds down in front of a spongebob movie. it made for a nice relaxing evening.

one more thing:
the other night i just about threw my lost in translation dvd out the window after having to sit through 10 minutes of previews before i was allowed to get to the dvd menu. this was a purchased copy! they need to stop with the forced previews.

maybe i'm missing something, but there was nothing i could do to get at the dvd menu until the previews were done.

don't you work in advertising?? i do wish you could pay for channel by channel t.v. programming. i'd get hbo, sundance, ifc and the nhl season package. of course pulling pbs via air is very important. and netflix, you gotta have netflix. yeah...that's what i'd do!

you can do just that with Satellite TV.. you can chose to get only HBO, PBS, IFC, I think they call it Alacart programming. Its more expensive then getting the 500 HBO channels, the 600 standard channels and of course th eNHL Season pass, its people like you ordering the NHL that are going to keep it alive....

after watching every movie on HBO and IFC over the last 5+ weeks, I must say that I often long for a commercial, especially when I have to pee or make myself a beverage/meal. No commercials = having to wait 2 hours to pee. not good.