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Yeah, what?

Yeah, sometimes I neglect my blog. So, here's the latest:

Up With
- Kid Rock and Janet's Boob on the Super Bowl. Double trouble!
- Super Mario Sunshine. Fun and educational! Well, fun anyway.
- Getting emails from my sister in London. International flavor!
- Having lost 18.2 pounds since August. Only 17 more to go!
- My dude.
- Totally indie DVD shops. Support the little guy!
- New office space at work. Modern!
- Friday night takeout and fun with new friends. He's single, ladies!
- New Indian restaurants in Minneapolis. Except, how to count the POINTS?

Down With
- Football on the Super Bowl. Boring! Gets in way of commercials!
- Not getting letters from my brother at boot camp. No love!
- 12" of snow resulting in 2-hour bus commute. Mass transit? More like Ass Transit! (That was funnier in my head.)
- New phone not working with email or bluetooth yet. Technology, why hast thou abandoned me?
- Not owning winter boots. Now out of season!
- Not owning red cowboy boots yet. Hard-to-justify expense!
- Living in a budget to achieve our dreams. I want an oompa-loompa, daddy!
- Not having room for a treadmill at our house. Not going to Yoga classes, because they're so damn expensive. Making excuses when I should just be on the floor doing some goddamn push-ups.

That is all. Goodnight.

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One more...

Up With:
Employment for redheads. Fewer ugly panhandlers!

Today I got a job at this company. It starts on the 23rd.

You like my international flava? Let me tell you what put a bad taste in my mouth today. It costs 1 to wash my laundry and 1.20 to dry it. Therefore, one load of laundry costs me roughly $4.40. I guess I don't need clean socks that badly.

Having witnessed the Taj and Video Store (they happen to be in the same building) I can say both are definately on the up list.. as for Janets boob.. hmmm, seemed up for a minute then down, then back up and then down and then all pixilie...as for not washing socks.. hey, I think england is far enough away that I won't smell month old socks.. and you know, you can wear them for a week then turn them inside out and go for another week.

I am SO up with Janet's boob. You are I are Up With Neeple!

(get it?)

Hi, first time surfing a blog and wanted to say hello