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Twenty-nine and Feelin' Fine

Mmm...my birthday! Superbly awesome, per usual! Let me apologize in advance and warn you: this is gonna be a long one.

Friday, am: I woke up to a birthday card on the kitchen table, along with two tickets to see Hairspray at the end of February. Super fun!

Friday, pm: The agency closed early (I'd like to think it had more to do with my birthday than with the network going down), which meant I had time to shop before catching the bus home (um, I know I don't have anything that goes with hot pink knee-highs, but I plan on purchasing an outfit that revolves around them, m'kay?). Got home and settled in for two delicious episodes of Sex & the City on Netflix, while I worked on a baby sweater for Mopsa & her Lovely Partner's impending adoption.

When Mr. Wonderful got home from work, I donned my newest bargain find (black lace dress - $20!) and we went down to the New Delhi for an Indian dinner with The Tribe. I got presents!

I was in the mood for a fancy cocktail after that, so we all walked (brr!) over to The Oceanaire for a too-expensive drink. When irritating metrosexuals gone wrong started taking over the place, we retired instead to Ping's - where the drinks were cheaper and the people far less annoying. I had a wonderful night, spending time with four of my most favorite guys in the world. My best boy friends, my brother, and my fiance - what could be better?

Unfortunately, my age is starting to show - 4 cocktails over 5 hours produced a raging, roiling 5:30am knock-me-outta-bed headache. Getting old is really cramping my style; from here on out, it's ginger ale on the rocks. (Well, maybe just one Cosmo now and again...)

Saturday, am: More frantic knitting as I struggle to finish my first cable knit sweater in time for the baby shower. Side note: listened to a Death Cab for Cutie album that Tom got me for my birthday (because my favorite album of last year was The Postal Service, and the same guy sings for both bands). Anyway, great album! Where have I been?! I love this band.

Saturday, pm: I finished the sweater! It's off to Victoria, MN for a baby shower celebrating the soon-to-happen adoption of a very lucky boy by my dear friend Mopsa and her Lovely Partner. The party was wonderful (a magician! balloons! tiny egg rolls!), and good energy was all around. Mopsa and the LP are wonderful, amazing women, and I can't think of anyone who deserves a child more than them. If they would have been willing to take an "older child," I would have asked them to adopt me, for chrissakes.

Sunday, am: Over to my parents' to say goodbye to Nora, my baby sister, who left for London today for a semester abroad. First, Pat leaves for the Navy, then Nora's off to Blighty? My poor mother and her empty nest! (Oh, who am I kidding? She's probably dancing around the kitchen with a half-empty bottle of Jameson as we speak!)

After poached eggs, coffee, and hugs goodbye, Jeremy and I went to the Happiest Place on Earth. The party supply store! Home of balloons, tiaras, and party horns. We loaded up on loot and two birthday cakes.

Sunday, pm: My party! We staked out a good table at the Roller Garden, set up my balloons, and waited for my friends to arrive. A roller rink party may have been my best idea yet. The turnout was great, the cake was delicious, and I got the awesomest bracelet ever. To top it all off, my friend Mike got the roller rink DJ to play the Spice Girls for me. Wearing rhinestones and rollerskating to the Spice Girls...I think I died and went to heaven.

Thank you to everyone who indulges me in this birthday madness year after year. I love you, one and all.

Oh, and here are those party photos you wanted to see.

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I'm glad to hear all is well and better! I just thought I'd continue the tradition of leaving messages from Key West! Have a great day!

HEY! What a swell weekend! And I got TWO doses of the Irish girl. How great is that? We so appreciate you coming out. And listen, if you had been on the 'waiting child' list we'd have taken you. But we all know you don't like to wait. So -- what do you do? We LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater. I can barely stand looking at it - it is so cute!

I had a wonderful time, thank you so much, and again happy birthday.. when is your next one, I"m looking forward to more rollerinkin

Thanks for inviting both livingtech and I to your b-day party, we had a lot of fun. I was high on PPG sugar for hours afterwards! Glad you had a great birthday.