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Goal Post

I've put it off long enough. Here are my goals for 2004. I suppose I should put them up somewhere where I can see them every day.

New Goals
1. Get to goal weight.
Not telling you what it is (as if!), but I will tell you that my goal for total loss is 63. So far, since 1999, I've lost 42 (like college, I took a couple years off). Anyway, I can totally lose 21 pounds this year. Easy as pie! Mmm....pie.

2. Learn to Rollerblade.
The best goals are simple, measurable, and specific. Now who wants to come out with me while I flail around like an idiot?!

3. Start an aggressive saving plan.
I read a recent issue of Money magazine and it got me all riled up. I want to save like a mo-fo so that someday I can relax like a mo-fo and live off the fat of the land. I also want to buy my parents' house in a couple of years. And kids someday...I've heard they're an expensive habit.

4. Work on being more patient.
I better reach this goal fast.

5. Pick a place to Volunteer.
I think I'd like it to be an old folks home. I love old folks, and it makes me sad to think that we, as a culture, shuffle the elderly off into hiding and forget about them.

6. Plan a kickass wedding.

7. Lead a more active life. See goals 1 and 2.

8. Start my Idea Group. Like a book group, but better. More details to follow.

Recycled Goals
9. Increase flexibility.

10. Stop twirling my hair.
I sort of wish I had never mentioned this. I'm getting tired of people gesturing at me and slapping my hands. Yes, slapping my hands! Sheesh!

11. Meditate.

12. Create a poetry book with Gretchen.

13. Finish paying off credit card. And mom.

14. Learn something new. Spanish, maybe.

And that is that. Let the New Year begin, yo.

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good luck with those, and have a happy new year :)

I see we have some similar resolutions. If we can attain them we'll both be better off. Good Luck and Happy New Year!!

Idea group? Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I wanna play too!

lets go to the rollerdome one of these days.. you can get the rollerblading down yet this winter

You've got a 20 second video competition entry here. Call it, dare I say, Resolution? Show yourself driving to work in double speed (too bad you don't have the convertible any longer) with a voice over of your 2004 goal list (minus the commentary) with not necessarily Born Slippy, but a Born Slippy type techno song in the background. See where I'm going with this. It just had that feeling when I read your post.

I should probably get back to work...

See....you go and post a list like that and it makes me feel more like I should have made some real resolutions.....and made them public.....

I say go to Rollerdome with Bill....The Wife & I rollerbladed there for the Diabetes Walk & Roll and it was more fun than I would have thought!

sorry, cwilliams - gay jokes get deleted in my world.

i say go to thunderdome. mad max has nothing but good things to say about it

inspiring list! could i be so organised!
i started a yoga practce that at first was just once a week, but it blossomed to 4-5 times a week. Reducd the amount of food i ate for dinner, as it was always so late anyway, and burned off 30 lbs over a summer. i'm down to the weight i graduated High School with, and the flexability and healing from old injuries is amazing. Also meditation helps, but that is falls in place anyway.... many blessings!!!