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Judgement Night

Last year, I made a list of goals for 2003. On the day of the eve of the New Year, I thought it would be interesting to see how I did.

1. Work out 4-5 times a week. Make it a habit. (C-)
While I did work out some, I didn't make it a habit. This is a goal that will be transferred to my list for 2004. I'd like to slightly change it, though, to make exercise more a part of my daily life. So that it's not a separate thing that I go off and do, but rather that I lead a more active life.

2. Increase flexibility. Reaching my toes would be a coup. (C)
While I did do a fair amount of yoga in early to mid-2003, I've since stopped and have likely lost most of the flexibility I might have gained during that time.

3. Eat better. More regular meals. Making them myself would be a nice bonus, and probably good practice for grad school when I won't be able to afford a constant stream of takeout. (B)
I've lost 13 pounds since August, and have drastically cut down my consumption of restaurant food and takeout. Part of this has to do with living with Jeremy, as it's always nicer to cook food for 2 than for 1. Plus, he cooks!

4. Go through my stuff and pare down in preparation for the move to grad school. Ask myself questions like, "Does a girl really need two George Foreman grills? Granted, they are different sizes..." (A)
Now I'm paring down on Jeremy's stuff!

5. Stay in book club and/or read regularly. (A)
I read every night before bed, and on the bus. Book club was wack, none of those bitches ever read the books.

6. Make time to relax. Ignore the fact that it's ridiculous to plan time to relax, just friggin' do it. (B-)
I need to keep working on this, but I'm getting better.

7. Take naps. Seriously. Big fat Saturday afternoon naps. (B-)

8. Stop saving time only to waste it later. (C)
Damn the Internet!

9. Stop twirling my hair. (Note to others: if you see me doing this, point it out. I do it unconsciously when I'm thinking about something.) (F)
I twirl like a mo-fo. If I could type with one hand, I'd be twirling right now. I've also started a horrible NEW habit, which is biting the inside of my mouth. I'm fucked up!

10. Live in the moment. Be present at whatever I'm doing. Don't be distracted by something I need to do later, or should have done earlier. (B-)
Getting better. Need to keep working on this...my mind seems to wander off rather easily. Especially when people are talking to me, which I've noticed makes them really mad!

11. Try the Zen Center again. Meditate. (F)
I didn't go once. Not once! But, I'm doing a meditation-type workshop on January 11.

12. Finish poetry book with Gretchen. (F)
No progress!

13. Start a writing group with Mopsa and Grid. (F)
No progress! But, I have an even better idea now, which I'm not yet ready to reveal.

14. Move far away all by myself and go to grad school because it's scary like brussels sprouts and probably just as good for me. (F)
But, the economy went into the shitter and my degree program no longer seemed to make sense and I fell in love and got engaged instead.

15. Try hair extensions. (A)
It was fun, but I don't know if I could do a whole head of them. The plastic hair gets weird after a while, the braids feel funny on your head, and it made me have dandruff for the first time ever.

16. Finish paying off credit card. And mom. (B)
I paid off my credit card earlier this year, but ended up borrowing more money from mom due to unemployment. So, this is a goal for 2004 most definitely.

17. Go to bed earlier. (B)
Lately, I've been doing really good at this, but if I had to give myself a grade for the whole year, it would be B. But, if I was a teacher I would tell myself to keep up the good work!

18. Take care that alcohol is not a main form of entertainment. Be more interesting than that. (A)
I have a nice balance now - I enjoy a cocktail now and again with friends or family, but I donít go out and overindulge on the weekends as I might have in the past. It helps that Jeremy rarely drinks, so we do lots of things that aren't at bars and don't involve alcohol. It's not that I was going out on benders or anything, I was just going out more often than I liked and felt like I had few other options because that's what everyone else I wanted to hang out with was doing.

19. Learn something new. Spanish, maybe. (B-)
I learned some Italian, but not much. Mostly just how to get Jeremy a sandwich with no cheese.

20. Write a story or essay and try to get it published or otherwise noticed (this one added in honor of my mom, who told me yesterday that she thinks I'm "just as good as that Sarah Vowell." This sort of insane compliment is what moms were invented for. So okay, I'll try.) (F)
But I still blog!

21. Finish gluing rhinestones around the TV. (F)
No progress! But, that TV is on the blink so I'm not sure if it's worth it now...

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You forgot:

22. Get the ring! (A)

Juggy, why do you even try to make anonymous comments? I can see your IP address!

Love ya!

Happy New Year! :D I want to see your rhinestone studded TV! That sounds awesome :D

Happy New Year, meg-o-licious.

You get an A+ for effort and splendidness from everyone who knows you!

*blink* What could be better than starting a writing workshop with mopsa!?

Happy new year!

I fear that your plans other then starting a writing workshop (which by the way, I might be interested in also, yes, I can't spell, but I did get a writing minor in college go figure) might be taking over the world with a handful of those baloons that you blow up and tie into animal shapes, 3 Pounds of Elbow Macaroni, 2200 sequens, 2 paperclips, and a roll of Duct Tape.

Sarah Vowell has an annoying voice, so, that makes you better than her - right?

It's good to have goals and continuously try to make yourself a better person but you're an A+ just the way you are. Goal for 2004 - continue crafty girly OC night with Bec.

Concerning #9, I used to nervously bite the inside of my cheek. It became a pretty bad habit after a while. Here is my suggestion on how to quit: Start Smoking.

No seriously, put a cotton ball inside your mouth just in front of the spot that is getting your teeth's attention. It makes your aware of the tick and hampers you from doing it. And, if you need to chew something, choose the cotton ball, not your mouth. Worked for me, anyway, in just a week's time.

#18 sounds like some serious "I'm not an alcoholic!!" splaining going on. I've read too many drunkin' weekend stories on your site to think otherwise. ;-)