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Fur Real, Yo.

The day after Christmas, and no one is stirring at the ad agency, just this little mouse.

We drove down to Jeremy's parents' house on Christmas Eve, and had a big sleepover party with his siblings and niece. We had the traditional Christmas Eve pizza burgers and Kool-Aid. What? Your family doesn't have that tradition? Weird. You should start, Southern Minnesota pizza burgers are good.

Christmas morning brought much glee and present-opening. Jeremy and I had to sleep in separate beds, and in the morning when I went in to wake him up, I discovered his new cell phone under his pillow! I swear, he's starting to act like Gollum around these new phones.

Christmas day, we headed back to the city for dinner with my people. My mom, trying to deter me from getting a real dog, bought me a FurReal dog. It's hilarious. You pet him, or poke his biscuit near his mouth and he makes weird noises and sort of humps whatever surface he's on at the moment. I think she thinks that having this will teach me a lesson like when my high school Child Development teacher made us take care of eggs as if they were babies. Let's just say that I asked the teacher for triplets, aced the class, and am still bargaining with Jeremy for more than two of our own, m'kay?

From the "major league bummer" department, my pops has been in the hospital since the 23rd. A couple of weeks ago he had an attack while in California on business that turned out to be a ruptured disc in his back. Rather than spending a lot of extra cash on an out-of-network surgery, he flew home and has been sitting at home all hopped up on goofenthal ever since. But, things got worse and now the poor guy is all laid up until surgery Saturday. Boo!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and good luck at the clearance racks this weekend.

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Being a former Miss Shamrock (80's), I have to say that luckily(!) my crowning had nothing to do with selling buttons - that must have come after my "reign". In fact, I was shocked I was crowned, as I was told that it was political, and even though a frontrunner, Irish, etc., I would never get it. I was crowned the next day over 62 contestants. In the 80's, it was stupidly catty, etc., but funny enough, button sales didn't seem to enter into it.

Good luck to your dad. Hope all goes well.

with a real dog, you can break them of that humping thing, maybe your Mom was just pointing out how great a real dog can be.. I hope your Dad gets feeling better soon.

Merry Christmas to you as well! :D

wow! a comment from a former Miss Shamrock - cool!

thankfully, the one I semi-participated in was not catty. everyone was very nice, it was just that the whole experience was a bit too focused on button sales and bar-hopping.

thanks for the comment!