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Neon Green Burritos

Jeremy and I had dinner with Craig from neongreen tonight. I discovered Craig's blog over a year ago through Toby, who had stumbled across it and saw that Craig and I had taken photos, at different times, of the same graffiti. Funny, huh? You can find the photo here, just scroll down a bit.

Anyway, I've been reading Craig's site ever since. A while ago, I posted a photo he had taken that I really loved, and recently I asked him if I could get a print of it. He was kind enough to have one made - so tonight we met so I could pick it up.

Now, I've been blogging long enough to have met a few fellow bloggers along the way. And I happen to know it can go very well (as in, I end up marrying said blogger), or very bad (as in, this is very bad and I want to go home right now). I was fairly confident that Craig wasn't a nutter, but you never know.

Luckily, all was as I suspected: he's a swell guy and he, Jeremy, and I ended up talking for about 2 hours about computers, cell phones, robots, Super MonkeyBall, and various and sundry other nerdy topics.

The only bad part of the night was eating at Qdoba - a new Mexican place on Excelsior & Grand. I was thinking it would be authentic Mexican (don't ask me where I got that impression - I have no idea), but it turned out to be a direct rip-off of Chipotle right down to the cilantro-lime rice. Ugh! Don't get me wrong, Chipotle is all fine and good, but if I want Chipotle I'll go to Chipotle, okay?

High point of the evening: finding out that Craig's dad reads my site. If dads read my site, then I truly have crossover appeal! I'm like the Shania Twain of bloggers.

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"this is very bad and I want to go home right now." true dat. true dat.

Go Shania Twain of bloggers!! I'm 17 :$

In the infinute wisdom of Shania Twain:

"So many numbers -- so many guys to call
Is it any wonder -- I got nowhere at all"
~Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)

See, just like her!