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At the last minute (like, two hours after Wednesday's entry and 12 hours before the final deadline), I pulled my shit together and did a film for the contest at work. I wrote a screenplay, pulled together some props, and sniveled Jeremy into helping me with the editing.

The finished product garnered 3rd place ($50!) and won me a Best Actress nod. Nevermind the fact that only 5 films were entered and no other women were in them.

Click below to check it out; you'll need Quicktime.

The "punchline" at the end is that I drop my aunt's name, who really does work at the company I was just hired at. Everyone at work seemed to think that was pretty funny.

Not bad for my first film, eh? I do have to say that I could not have done this without Jeremy's help - so thanks, honey! (Look out, I'm going to start singing, "Wind Beneath My Wings" in a second.)

And if you're in the mood for other films, check out my little brother's first entry for WeeklyDV.

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Favorite quote: "Thanks Dad."

Best visual: The monkey coloring!

it was charming. it kinda reminded me of my carreer....tehehe. my favorite part was the end....no i jest, my favortie part was the 'thanks dad' section.

I loved that :D My favorite part was the whole "Honey! I can't figure out how to get songs on my Ipod!" that was great :D You're a very good actress and you should do more movies! :D

my favorite part was that you managed to get it done in just a few hours, what a great way to introduce yourself to your new co-workers.

I never realized how strong your accent is!

Someday when you're CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, I can hear your secretary saying, "Mrs. Wilker, I have call holding for you on line 2 of the Hello Kitty phone..."

Truly inspired stuff. Great job.

Great job Meg. If that was 3rd place...I would love to know what 1st and 2nd looked like! Yours was so funny!

Dood! That was excellent! You both did a fantastic job!

So then... Inquiring minds want to know... What IS your Free Cell high score?

You know, I've worked with her. It's not far from the truth...

Okay...am I so computer illiterate that I can't make it work? I have Quicktime, but all I get is a picture of a broken film cell. :_-(

Oh well...I am certain it's brilliant. Jack speaks highly of you and all your compadres, and it's been really fun to peek in at your life and the lives of your friends. Thought I should at least poke my head out of my little lurker hole. (wait..that didn't...soooouuuund...right...)

[the other bill promptly ducks out of sight again]

Later! Merry Christmas!