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Nice Cannes

My new job is awesome. It's the little things, really. Like free Starbucks coffee in the kitchen. Which means I don't have to bring a travel mug on the bus or pay $2/day for a decent brew. That saves me both a hassle, and $40/month.

Other than that (and the free ice!), the people are great, the benefits are great, the work is great, and the opportunities to grow seem plentiful. I feel like I made the right decision in taking the job, which is a huge relief. Plus, I can take the bus to work, which gives me time to read, listen to music, or just zone out on my way to and from the office. Oh, and I work downtown, which is also great. I'm overusing the word great, but whatever.

Next week there's a film festival where employees can enter a 5-minute film. I'm bound and determined to enter - so let me know if you have any brilliant ideas. Keep in mind that no one there really knows me yet, so this is my chance to let all 250 of them know what a jackass I am right up front. And maybe win a prize for it. The deadline is next Wednesday, so I need to start shooting ASAP.

Posted December 6, 2003 10:27 AM



Hey, totally awesome. Congratumalations! Good to know great jobs with benefits and stuff still exist.

Is your office, like, near the Wells Fargo Center on Sixth and Marquette?

its in Downtown Minneapolis, everything is close to Wells Fargo on 6th and Marquette..

just an observation from someone who has spent alot of time walking around downtown..

How about doing a take off of queer eye or trading spaces...

Make a video about how you went on trading spaces and it destroyed your life...

"I mean, the room was so awfull, and it was done by my best friend, I hate her now, I lost my interior design job, and my dog choked to death on the faux fur my friend stapled around my window."

You could do an infomercial for a video about a special program that shows you the 10 steps to finding your perfect job. And talk about how -- '10 steps to the perfect position' worked for you!

or...you could shoot a porno in your new office...and go back to sleeping in and living on the public dole......

I dunno, Jack. I'm on my sixth video and so far that trick hasn't worked for me.

I'd do a film about all the fun things you bought (and maybe also didn't buy) with your unemployment checks before you got the Cool New Job. :-)

Uh, is it me, or did it get awfully creepy in here?

Sweet, your own stalker.

Maybe you should do a documentary on your life with a stalker. You know, cover the ups, the downs, the poems, etc.

As past participator of said film-festival, it's a good thing to make a jackass of yourself. That way everyone will know you as "that girl in the video" or "that super funny girl who won that trophy". The sillier the better.

I think you should do a movie about how when you were un-employed you were forced to eat giant quanities of Macaroni and cheese (KD) and while you had all of these giant boxes of KD, giant Ham Hams were strolling around in the background destroying your bathroom while you waited for replacement parts to come so you could finish the project.

hmm. good ideas, all! unfortunately i had to bail on the film idea due to workload and other crapola.

and eddie, it's NOT YOU. it's creepy as fuck in here. so, what's a girl to do...delete or simply pretend it doesn't exist? i think delete.

these are the days of our lives.

you are my sunshine my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know dear
how much I stalk you
please don't take my creepy comment away

ok, so two major updates:

FIRST, I think I'm going to try to turbo-produce a film despite the tight timeline. if i make one, i'll post it.

SECOND, the "stalker" has been revealed and it's not really a stalker after all. just poor judgement on the part of an acquaintance, who promises never to do such a thing again. *whew*

so keep movin'...nothin' to see here, folks. nothin' to see.

good. i was getting freaked out.

I feel dirty...

How about a video of you blogging and chatting? And eating ice cream or something. For five minutes -- blogging.

Then they'll know the real you.