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Workin' 9 to 5, What a Way to Make a Livin'

I have a job!

Yes, indeedy. As of December 1, 2003, I am officially a part of America's wage-earning workforce. I'm off the dole. Yee-haw!

I'm really hoping that I'm doing the right thing, and that this is a job I'll enjoy. A few years ago, I hastily took a job out of desperation and I don't want to repeat that mistake. I want to make the right choice. I want to have a job that I'll be happy at for the next couple of years (or at least until I get knocked up).

I spent a lot of time thinking about taking the position, but the important thing is that I won't know for sure unless I try. The other important thing is that the economy is shit, but I have a job. That's a good thing. To celebrate, I'm avoiding taking a shower today for as long as possible. Wish me luck (both with the new job and with the not-showering thing. I'm sure Jeremy will be none too pleased to come home to Stinky von Greaser.).

So, hey - I have a reason to give thanks tomorrow. I hope you do, too. Be safe, hug your crazy family, and tip a forty for the turkey.

P.S. For anyone that knows the name of the place I'm working, let's not share that here, okay? I don't want to get dooced.

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Congratulations, its good that my tax dollar isn't supporting your lazy $@&* anymore.. and do you really think that McDonalds is going to fire their brand new French Fry Chef over a comment on a blog? Again Crongratulations and would you like fries with that.

awesome. can't wait to hear more about it!

I didn't think they cared about blogs at Walmart. And I promise, now that you're an official greeter, I shall be sweet to all greeters everywhere in honor of you. Congrats. You'll look CUTE in that red vest!

(Bill--maybe the McDonald's thing is a second job?)

For those of us not in the know can you at least say what type of work you will be doing?

Cool! Congrats !!!!!
Sam.... She won't really care if I tell...She is the new Ringmistress for Ringling Brothers Circus. That's why she isn't taking showers anymore. She is starting to prepare herself for life on the road with lions and monkeys and stuff...The reason she didn't want to say anything here, is because she was in fierce negotiations and didn't want to wreck it.

It turns out Barnum saw her at a poetry slam and was smitten. Ringling heard about it and it turned into a wild bidding war.
It was pretty even till Ringling agreed to throw in the costume and a lion tamer whip for free. After that it was all over but the crying.

I personally can't wait to see her in sequins and spandex..... Ladieeeeeees and Gentlemen!!!!

isn't Ladieeeeeees and Gentlemen normally followed by Start your Engines? Maybe the MOnster Truck show won the bidding war and she's the Ring MIstress for Monster Trucks, that must be it.

But then it would be a wet T-shirt and a a beer instead of sequins and a whip....................... ok

Monster Trucks it is.

P.S. Problem is, I am quite sure she could not pull off the vacuous eyed barbie doll look for very long ...Her brain would start to hurt from the effort, she would snap and dress some carburetor fondling yoyo down with multi syllabic words and the jig would be up.........

No...I'm back to the circus. The monkeys are smarter than truck guys.

Just say that the New Job doesn't have anything to do with foodstuffs, cruelty to animals, or shady import/export operations, and we'll all be one big happy supportive bunch.

Oh, and you *will* email me and tell me about the job, right...?

Rocking good news.

cool :) glad to hear it :)

Damn, I thought I was the ONLY gal unemployed now-a-days! ...And btw, the greeter @ "Wally-world" wears a BLUE vest, not a RED 1! (At least they do out here in Reno!) CONGRATS on the job! Hope I get hired on Dec. the 1st, me-self! :) :) :)

that is wonderful news,... great. congrats. enjoy

YEA! That is fantastic NEWS! Good Luck Meggie!

Who is this meghan person? Never heard of her...

so, I"m waiting for a blog telling how your first day went.