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America is a Company Town.

I just called Mark Dayton's office to tell him that I think he should filibuster the Bush-Cheney energy bill. This is the first time I've ever done such a thing, and it feels great. I'm an American participating in the democratic process! Sweet!

Seriously though, I think MoveOn has a good thing going. They email me about issues, and give me my legislators' phone numbers so that I can call and tell them what I think. That's what the goddamn Internet is for, if you ask me. Well, that and hundreds of photos of Britney Spears. And the Spice Girls website. Um, and maybe Bookworm.

Posted November 20, 2003 4:19 PM



I have been involved with Move On for a long time. I agree with you, they rock!

I have always felt and said that I thought that the internet was the last great bastion of pure anarchy and democracy left in the world. I like Mark, but I still miss Paul and wish he was still here to fight the good fight...

Mr. Cheney came to town a couple of days ago for a fundraiser. I though of going down there to join the anti-energy-bill protest, but then I thought maybe he would single me out for being an SUV-driving hypocrite, so I stayed home and sulked quietly instead...

You raging activist! I love it!

Now can we get on that Defense of Marriage Act?

Oh yeah. Its not obvious that you don't have a job ;)

I"m proud of you, I think I have had a pretty good relationship with Martin Sabo over the years of calling him and sending him mail, he has bean very responsive and he so far he has stood for things I feel are important, I will have to look to see where he voted on this corporate wellfare act called the energy bill. And as for the Defense of Marriage Act, I'm still waiting for someone to explain why its such a big deal if a homosexual couple wants to marry, I don't understand the threat to a hetrosexual couple.

Obscure fact: Recall that half-assed screen saver featuring the flying toasters from a few years back? Well Wes Boyd and Joan Blades created that. They sold the software company for $13.8 million then moved on to create the MoveOn site which originally campaigned against the Clinton impeachment: "Censure and Move On" was the catch-phrase.

yeah, bookworm certainly rocks my internet!