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Word to the Wiseass

Saturday, Jeremy and I drove down near Lake Pepin to have lunch with Merlin and Shalene and check out Buena Vista park. It was, indeed, a buena vista, though I'm sure it's muy bueno on a clear day.

While at lunch, we discussed the trials and tribulations of wedding planning: the guest lists, the budgets, the everlasting dos and don'ts. The restaurant was quite small, and as the woman at the table next to us was getting up to leave, she leaned over and said, "I couldn't help but overhear you talking about wedding planning. We're celebrating our 42nd and I gotta tell you...the wedding doesn't matter, it's what comes after that counts." She turned, and walked away.

We all nodded, and sat silently for a moment absorbing the wisdom of the older generation and thinking to ourselves about the lifetime commitment we were in the process of making.

Then, she turned back toward us and said, "'Course, a good sex life doesn't hurt, either."

Posted November 17, 2003 2:27 PM | On This Day: 2004



Nice. Nothing is better then thinking about old poeple sex. UUuuhh...

LMAO~! I like that woman! I'm ignoring the fact that she's old and paying attention to her personality. I like that.

Now, paying attention to the fact that she's old...ew.

You should write that up and send it into Readers Digest. That story is a winner for sure.

the part she didn't tell you what she was celebrating 42 years of..and if the sex life was with her husband.

kind of reminds me of when my Grandmother was in the nursing home and had a boyfriend, the nurse came up to my Mom and was talking about how well my grandmother was doing and asked if she and her boyfriend were having an active sex life.. my grandmother was 95 at the time, her boyfriend was about the same... just another one to visualize

Honestly bill was that needed? Youre killin me!

Spunky old people rock.

I thought old-people often didn't have any spunk when they got their rocks off... (this may be going too far. hehe.)

Oh yeah... way to far..
TECHNICALLY Grid, I believe Tony would be correct when he makes his statement
"Spunky old people rock".

I don't think anyone would disagree that if you found some old people filled with spunk, they would indeed be either rocking, or wanting to be rocking.


I meant "too" damnit...as in too far....I punched the ...&^#^%#^%#key twice