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The Italian Job

While we were in Italy, I kept a travel journal. I've put my entries into this blog, mostly as a record for myself. But, if you're interested in reading the mundane details of our trip, check out the archives. They're titled, "Travel Journal: Italy" and span from September 26 to October 9.

I'm warning you: they're wordy, rambling, more detail than you'd ever want to know, and I switch from past to present tense without warning. Oh, and my final entry is abrupt and anticlimactic. I meant to go back and finish it up, but I never did, and so it stands.

In addition, here is a nice sampling of photos from our trip. It's 60 of the over 1000 pictures Jeremy took, and it gives a nice overview of what we did. I took some black & white shots, which I hope to have in a gallery in the next week or two. Enjoy. Or not.


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LOVE the pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Have I put "comment curse" on this post?

I guess so...either that or you're the only one who still reads this thing.

I doubt it. Maybe everyone is still stunned by how good the pictures are and how cute you two look.

Nahhhh that's not it.

I have not posted because I am mad at them for having such a f*&king cool vacation and not taking me with...and if THAT was not enough, they have the nerve to post killer pictures to rub it in....Hey, I like Sambuca.....insensitive bastards.

Ah, now I get it! Perhaps I should have converted my pangs of jealousy into a bitter stonewall instead of gushing over how cool they are. :)

wow... I finally took the time to look at those photos... man. jealousy doesn't even begin to describe it.