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Travel Journal: Italy, Day 12

Woke up in Riomaggiore and packed up our stuff. Checked out of the apartment and grabbed some breakfast. Walked down to the sea and checked out some shops, then packed up the Punto and headed for Pisa. We started on a local road, the SS1, which routed us through the surrounding towns.

We've been intrigued by kitchens over here - very space saving. Like, it's common for Italians to have a cupboard above the sink that doesn't have a bottom on it. Inside the cupboard is a dishrack, so when you wash the dishes you can put them away immediately and they drip dry into the sink. Brilliant!

So, we stopped at a kitchen store and marvelled at everything while a non-English speaking saleswoman hovered near us uncomfortably. She did give us lots of brochures and catalogs, though. They are sweet - I need to find out if we can get any of that stuff here.

After the kitchen store, we got impatient and got on the Autostrada to Pisa. Finally found our hotel, Il Torre, which is a complete shithole. The bathroom is one of the scariest I've ever seen.

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