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Clash of the Titans

I am SO in love with this dog. Can I get him? Huh? CanICanICanIplease?

Jeremy and I have discussed getting a dog in the future. What if I was all like, "Welcome home, honey. How was your day? Lookit what I got!" Think that would be a good surprise? I didn't think so.

Now begins my "please let me get a dog I swear I'll walk him every day" campaign. This is what happens when you don't have a job.

Posted November 5, 2003 4:26 PM | On This Day: 2002



Quick. Get a job.

Just get the damn god. He'll love it eventually.

Just get the damn dog. He'll love it eventually and if he doesn't, you can always get another fiance.

Ok, so I said "god" the first time and realized you weren't talking about J.C. as in Jesus Christ, but when I try to cancel it didn't work, and now I have 3 comments and I don't know what to do! Please get two dogs and one god. But not Van Damme.

he's cute, go for it, if you've talked about it before, then heh, no time like the present

That dog looks stupid and cross-eyed. And he's wearing a tacky bandana. That is not the dog for you.

I concur with Noodles. This is not the dog for you. It probably barks when it hears "I'm proud to be an American" on some low-life's boom box. The operative words on the website are "SPECIAL NEEDS DOGS" These are dogs that pee on the antique oriental rug while you are trying to take a photo of your uncooperative children for the holiday card. These are dogs that require a doggie shrink, a talent that I do not think you possess. You are occasionally a little short of patience with the human race, I can only imageine what your boiling point would be with a dumb critter. Yes, animals love unconditionally, but they also behave indiscriminatly. I have gone down the animal road before and it's never what you think it is going to be. If you simply love the thought, the concept of a dog, then get a stuffed one. They are easier to clean up after.

that was quite the parental discourse by mother mcinerny, but i do concur. i also have a solution to everybody's problem. take me in as a pet! i'd be a lot more fun than the dog, and i won't chew on your shoes...well, i might, but when i do it it will be cheeky and amusing. all i need is to be fed, to be walked, and to be loved.

Awwwwwww, such a sweet dog. Try it out temporarily maybe? Take a dog for a test run. If all goes well, get it. That's my opinion/idea :$

Heidi, the rent-to-own method doesn't work with pets. Trust me.

I got my dog during a "lull" in my freelance career. Being unemployed is dangerous - you bring all sorts of things into the house.

isn't there an organization that's called "second chance" or something where you take in an animal temporarily in order to save them from the axe? that way you get to know and love a dog up until they get adopted, save their life - and you only have to love them temporarily.

alright - I just realized that that picture was on a dog rescue page - but is it temporary?

that's what I meant.

tortoise: you're right and wrong. the place he's at now is the temporary home. if i took him, it would be an adoption. but, you can also be a foster home for this place, but i don't think that would work for us. my thought is that since i'm home more now, i can help get the dog adjusted to life at our house, and then when i go back to workd he would hopefully be all settled in.

I concur with your Mother. Domestic pets ARE NOT a good idea if you are a McInerny. They never get adjusted to your home life. I think Eddie Mullen would be a good bet. He'll only be around during school breaks -- and he's house trained. Although I did hear he RAN NAKED down State Street last weekend. Thank God he didn't get arrested --it would have been a chilly night in the Dane County Jail. JEREMY -- don't listen to her.