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Childish Chatter

I babysat last night for the first time in a long time.

I hadn't seen A & W for months, and they've grown so much in that time, it's amazing. W is in kindergarten now, and taking Chinese. Chinese! He said a bunch of stuff to me, but I don't know Chinese so it just sounded like mush to my ears. But, according to him, he was counting and saying things like mom, dad and brother. I took his word for it.

A, who's around 8, read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to me! It seems like the last time I was there, he was struggling along with an Easy Reader, and now he can read a book with inflection and everything. Man, kids can be really cool.

I do need to share a few moments of utter hilarity:

W (to me, wrinkling his nose): Remember that one time you came over and we weren't following directions and you got harsh?


Neighbor Girl (to A): Um, what do you think of when you hear the name Lorelei?
A: I dunno. A girl.
Neighbor Girl: I think of a unicorn...and a rainbow.


William (to me): Did you get a kid yet?

Posted October 23, 2003 1:35 PM | On This Day: 2002



LOL. They all rock.

you got "harsh"???
Jesus THATS funny....kids are astounding at that kind of "What words just came out of your mouth?" stuff.
Thanks for sharing..too funny.

You haven't got a kid yet? They're on sale now. I just put in an order a while back. However, the company isn't too efficient as shipping takes way too long.

Yeah Sam....I heard something like, 9 months on back order...but that's not the best part.....You have to make a substantial deposit before they will confirm your order..

P.S. Hmmmmm actually I don't suppose it is technically correct to call it a back order..probably lay away would be more appropriate

Jack, you have it backward. It is more like buying furniture with nothing down, no interest, and no monthly payments for a year.

THAT was so funny. I miss those boys so much!!!