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Busy Bee

It's amazing how busy you can feel even while unemployed. I think I just naturally obssess over lists of things to do, no matter what. Like, last night I was ticking off in my head all the things I simply had to get done today. I'm so silly! But, at least I'm productive. I'm a little June Cleaver over here, keeping our dishes done and our laundry folded while my bacon-bringer-homer is at work all day.

I'm caught up on housework, spend a good amount of time every day searching for a job, and I've been spending some of time on wedding stuff, although we still don't have a date.

The guest list is still a little scandalous, but we'll get that worked out. I set up our gift registries at Marshall Field's and Amazon. It's very strange, this registry tradition. It seems weird to make a list of things you expect (or hope) people will buy. Is it wrong that our list includes a Segway and a Ham-Ham playhouse?

Posted October 21, 2003 10:07 PM



Well, with the Ham-Ham playhouse you will have a second home to clean.. that can give your something more to obsessive compulse about.. Our wedding list included 12" Star Wars Action Figures.. I think I might have you beat...

please tell me you have a justin cutout on your registry, to go with your britney :-)

I thought Justin was touring with Christina