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Just need to quickly say that:

1. I'm feeling better. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement, both via comments and email.

2. I'm making progress in all areas: home, job search, and wedding planning.

3. Soon I'm going to have my travel journal entries from Italy uploaded (with every goddamn boring detail about my trip you never wanted to know), and a gallery of my photos (which are not nearly as nice as Jeremy's).

4. Apple released iTunes for Windows. Woo-hoo!

Posted October 16, 2003 11:41 PM | On This Day: 2002



Mon, Nov 3 Minneapolis, MN The Quest


um---if you're downtown on the 3rd of Nov. - you're at the Pantages, lady. You are.

I've learned something about our good friend Meggie this weekend. I think she thinks she doesn't need to stay in contact with people through any other medium than www.irish-girl.com.

She came to my bacheldorette party last Friday and when I told her I didn't know that she went to Europe, she simply and seriously responded "umm ... it's all on my website..."

I know how it is now and I will just adjust my mode of communication with her. But, I will always continue to hope that I will recieve the occasional phone call or e-mail.

Meghan - thank you so much for coming to help me celebrate my last days of bachelorette-dom. I had such a blast on Friday night. YOU LOOK GREAT! Even though you're totally stressed out about everything in your life. I'm here for you for any wedding-related questions - I'm not much help on the bathroom rennovation though.

Love you, mean it!!!