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Travel Journal: Italy, Day 6

Wednesday we slept in, which I think bummed Jeremy out a little. I feel like, "Eh, it's vacation. Sleep in all you want." I hate when people make vacations seem like work or boot camp.

Anyway, we got up and went back to Pontedera so my love could look at the Museo Piaggio. The museum was cool - lots of old scooters and other Piaggio-related items. From the look of the gift shop, though, Vespa stuff is just as overpriced here as it is at home. But, we picked up a few goodies.

That took up a good chunk of the day (well, that and sleeping in until like 10am...), so we headed back to Lucca. Again, I suffered from my Narcolepsy Italiano the whole car ride home. It was a pretty uneventful day. Which is fine, we've had plenty of "events" so far.

By the time we went out for dinner, I was starving and we ended up walking around Lucca for hours looking for dinner, while I got crankier and crankier. We started at Baralla, a restaurant near the anfiteatro that Doris suggested, but the menu didn't look like what we wanted, so we kept walking. And walking. And walking. And walking. Back and forth and all over the fricking city.

We finally settled on a place called K2, near the anfiteatro where we started in the first place. We went there out of sheer desperation, but it turned out to be good.

Wednesday's Gastrointestinal Delights:
Breakfast: A sugar-sprinkled roll of some kind that we picked up at the supermarket in the morning. J and I needed some toilet paper and dishsoap (for the apartment we're renting). It's fairly hilarious how helpless you are when you're in a strange country trying to figure out the difference between handsoap, dishsoap, and dishwashing machine soap. Oh! And did you know that you have to pay to get shopping carts here? It's ingenious, and appears to work like the luggage carts at the airport - I think you get some or all of your money back when you return the cart. It totally takes care of the cart-stealing issue! And one other thing...we went to a Best Buy-like store and to get out of their parking lot you had to put a special coin in a machine...but you could only get the coin from a store worker. Which is how they prevent non-customers from parking in their lot. Again, ingenious!

Lunch: J and I split a tomato and olive oil focaccia, also from the grocery store that morning. We also had some iced tea with peach flavor - a tasty treat.

Snack: Anise chips and rice milk.

Dinner: When we finally made it to K2, the food was pretty good. I had Risotto Grand Maxim, which was made with champagne, and a steak with red wine sauce. Having two things cooked with alcohol was unintentional, but they complemented each other nicely. Alcohol gives food a nice flavor - the champagne gave the risotto a nice bitter taste and red wine with beef is just mmm good.

Despite gorging ourselves at dinner, we were in the mood for gelato. Or at least, I was. We figured Jeremy would be out of luck and forced to watch me enjoy my delicious treat. But, as luck would have it, we stumbled across a gelateria with a tiny sign that read "Gelato Soia." So, Jeremy got a treat after all. Yay. I tried mint gelato. Mm.

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