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A Fine White Whine

It's extremly hard not to feel like a loser when you're unemployed. Even if it's because your company closed down.

I've been more or less worthless for the past two days. Every part of my life needs attention, to the point where I don't even know where to begin.

I turn my head one way, and I'm looking at the complete mess our house has become as a result of our trip, me losing my job (you have no idea how much STUFF I had in my office), the fact that we still haven't resolved where all my stuff is going to go since I moved in, and our bathroom remodeling project.

I know you think I'm exaggerating because I'm so anal-retentive there's no way I'd let my house get out of control. Oh, yeah? Well this is my office right now. This is my kitchen table. This is my living room. And this is my bathroom. (The files are kind of big, sorry, but I'm too surly to do anything about it.) The only bright spot around here is my brand new Hello Kitty hotline. Potential employers: she's ready to hear from you!

Then I turn my head the other way and everyone is asking when the wedding is. But, I don't really know how to plan a wedding. I guess I'm going to call some reception sites to get some information while my days are free, but we still need to finalize the guest list (Which is a complete nightmare because each of my parents have 8 siblings. Yes, EACH of them has EIGHT siblings. And each one of those 8 siblings have procreated. More than once!), and pick a date. I now fully understand why people hire wedding planners - because otherwise how do you know what the hell you're supposed to do?

Okay, let's turn our head toward work. Hm. Nothing. Great.

There's just so much to do that all I can do is nothing. And I know I'm whining and I know it's not all as bad as I'm making it out to be, but it's my life and my problems feel big right now so let me wallow for a minute. I'll be done feeling sorry for myself soon.

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Aww, don't feel bad. Everyone needs to wallow sometime. What a cute phone though! It's adorable!! ^_^ And oh, I love the bathroom (y). The blank spot makes it look so sexy. I've seen worse messes, but yeah that does look like a pretty big one. It's hard to figure out what you need, what you don't need, and what you need at a work place and not a house.

Just think of how great your bathroom is going to turn out - then, if things are still getting you down, you can wallow in a hot shower! That doesn't really help at all, does it?

Also, there are pink bunny ears on your coffee table. I have no idea why.

Oh punky. Would it help if I called you and sang *You Light Up My Life* all Debbie Boone like? Cause I'll do it. Fer sure.

Doesn't everyone have pink bunny ears on their coffee table?!

if it's any consolation, i'm jealous. you live in a cool place and you have someone to love. seems to me like you've got more than a lot of people.

your career is in transition right now. enjoy it. it will all fall into place soon enough and you'll long to be able to stay at home cleaning up for a couple days.

i was out of work for a few months a couple years ago. even though i was broke, i look back on those months as good times. i wouldn't take it back for anything.

loved the pictures. thanks for posting them.

over and out.

seems like a dose of the real world to me. I think you'll snap out of it in a couple days and realize how great it is not having a job temporarily. especially if ends are still meeting. unemployment means (to me) the morning paper with Bailey's and coffee - just remember to send every 3rd resume for a job that's way out of your league.

that's what i did - i still can't figure out why the university of wisconsin madison didn't call back for that little "president's" job i applied for.

I love you Meggie. You are the best sister in the world, even if your house is a mess. And don't worry about planning your wedding, remember what I said? Do an 80's theme, it'll be kick-ass. Instead of wallowing, look at it this way--you have NOTHING TO DO. If you need tips on how to enjoy such ample down time, call Austin, he's well versed on the subject of unemployment.

I say live-it-up while you can. It's hard to keep a positive mindset, but you really should try not to stress about jobs or money. Ultimately, they're not that important, and you'll find one eventually anyway.

Yeah, talk to me; no one knows how to feel like a loser, be unemployed, waste valuable time and feel depressed like me. I was just unemployed for five weeks and all I remember is drinking, sleeping until 2 in the afternoon and doing some crossword puzzles. Somewhere in there I managed to get a job. Go figure. But I still feel... (see first sentence).

Okay, your whole loser rant just lost all cred as I read you applied for unemployment benefits. When you're reduced to stealing change from other people's couch cushions and needing friends or relatives (that was you, thanks) pay your share of a friends' birthday dinner, then we'll talk. I recind my former post until your situation becomes as dire...

Nice level. Craftsman??


Whatever your problems are you'll cope.

What I really wanted to say is - I liked the flow of your poems.


i dont see what the big deal is i sleep in a bigger mess than your office, just think of it as 'cozy'....i have two jobs maggie, do you want me to share one with you?

don't think of it as a mess, think of it as all your stuff is easily accessable. And you since you were on vacation, you have only really bean unemployed for like a week, it will all turn out for you. I was just glad the pink bunny ears we on the coffee table, I think if they were in the bathroom I would have bean even more scared.