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Travel Journal: Italy, Day 3 (Part III)

Almost ready for bed, just reading The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria to figure out what to do tomorrow. It will depend on the weather - it's rained since early evening. Either way, my preference is to get out of town tomorrow. Time for a change of scenery. Maybe Montecatini Terme (where Doris & Doug were married a few years ago), or the island of Elba. We'll see.

I called Doris a bit ago to explain the situation with the stove so that she could call Enrico and let him know (he doesn't speak English). J and I looked up how to say, "I'm sorry," in our phrasebook at dinner and I've been practicing.

Speaking of dinner, I am going to start making lists of the goodies I've eaten at the end of each day (or as I go, we'll see). It's partly to try to stay true to my Weight Watchers goal and partly to remember all the tasty treats.

Breakfast: Caffe Latte. Can't remember the name of the café.

Brunch: A thin wedge-shaped sandwich with three things baked inside - I can only remember pomodori y formaggio (tomatoes and cheese). Speaking of which, it's interesting to note that all Italian cheese are white: mozzarella, pecorino (sheep's milk cheese - super good!), provolone, etc.

Lunch: Caprese sandwich - tomato, basil and mozzarella (the good stuff - nothing like the crap they put on our pizzas at home) on a foccaccia-like bread with a lightly salted crust.

Snack: Couple of almond biscotti from the supermarket. Mm.

Dinner: Went to a restaurant called Guido Cimino in the anfiteatro (a circle of houses and shops built in a circle around the site of the old Roman amphitheater). I had a shrimp-zucchini risotto (I really need to learn how to make risotto at home - ees so good!) and a vegetariano salad. It was a few different types of lettuce, some chunks of tomato (seemed like maybe Roma), and corn topped with olive oil and a touch of salt. Really simple ingredients, but honestly one of the the best salads I've ever eaten. The tomatoes and corn were so flavorful, and the olive oil and salt were a perfect complement. I almost got some gelato for dessert, but I think it seems like something I'd rather try on a warm afternoon, not a cold, rainy evening.

We came home and figured out how to make the TV work (despite our fear of possibly blowing that up, too). We couldn't understand a damn thing, except they were covering the blackout on the news. Oh yeah - when I talked to Doris earlier she asked if we were okay and had we been affected by the blackout. I had no idea what she was talking about - turns out Italy had a huge blackout (much like the East Coast had a month ago) and Lucca was without power this morning. I guess we slept through it. Austin would be so proud of us! Anyway, sounds like some areas are still without power and water. Yikes.

Oh, the other thing we sort of understood was a notice about Lucca's water not being drinkable. Wha?! Good thing we read that before drinking the water bottles we just refilled at the tap.

In other news, the Italians have some funny commercials. Oh, and their Mtv doesn't play videos, either! Just like ours, except instead of showing a Real World marathon, they were showing Scrubs.

We saw a few Italian vidoes on AllMusic, but nothing great. I was hoping we might discover some new bands, but no such luck. We did get to see the new Dido video (I can't think of who the actor is in it, and it's driving me CRAZY) and I saw a commercial for a new Robbie Williams CD that I'm totally buying while we're here because I'm convinced they don't have it at home. Which of course means that as soon as I get home I'll see it on sale at Target. Hm - maybe I should look it up online - now that's smart thinkin'.

Ah! It's David Boreanaz - the guy in the Dido video. Sweet - one less thing to keep me awake tonight.

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