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Travel Journal: Italy, Day 1

Woke up at 6:15 this morning and frantically got ready for Jeremy's sister and niece to pick us up for the airport. We managed to get on the plane without having to check our backpacks. Nice!

Now we sit in Newark, NJ for the next couple of hours, before catching our flight to Rome. Already, we've thought of several airport ideas that are sure to make us millions:
1. Airport Movie Theater. How come no one has done this yet? Perfect for anyone with a several-hour layover. Like me. Right now.
2. Pay-per-view TVs. They used to have these at the downtown Minneapolis Greyhound station. This is basically the same idea, except that instead of putting quarters into a chair with a TV on the armrest that only receives local stations (static and all), you could put in a credit card and see cable or satellite channels. Might be better than the movie theater idea plan, since then everyone could be on their own schedule.
3. A music download station (this one is J's idea). Bring your portable mp3 player, plug it in, and pay to download singles or CDs. Like the Apple online music store, but right at the airport.

I have to go annoy Jeremy now.

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